Is it accurate according to the belly -shaped guessing baby or female, is it accurate?Haha, just entertain, why not take it seriously

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Three -day holiday on New Year’s Day, my full -time housewife at home every day was also happy with the children of the holiday. After all, it was a holiday!You can sleep a little laziness, you can steal a little lazy and cook late, and you can chat with the children for a while.

In the evening, a friend in the group sent me a message saying that the New Year’s Day had followed her husband to return to my hometown, and then met the old man at home. He looked at his belly of 7 months of pregnancy and told himself that he was a male in his stomach.Baby.

She personally does not believe that such a "belly to look at things", but her relatives at home are quite happy when they hear such a statement, because it is said that the old man has not seen it.Gender is correct after birth.

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Friends are nervous and angry.

Both emotions are from the happiness of the family. It seems that the "male baby" is so happy. If the belly is not a male baby, wouldn’t everyone disappoint everyone?But what age is it, is it still so "heavy men" in the bones?

This pregnant mother is always unhappy!

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I remember when I was pregnant, I had a strong feeling when I was pregnant. Erbao was a female baby.Because no matter the reaction during pregnancy, or from his own physical change, it is different from Dabao. Dabao is a male baby.

However, at the time, the child and grandma also looked at my belly and told me very firmly that it was still a male treasure.I said it was unbelievable, but I said it was over, and I didn’t talk more in this regard.

However, the birth of Erbao is really a male baby.I was a little surprised, and it didn’t matter. Although it was said that the two men would indeed be more stressful, but the future is their own. I have the ability to help and help. There is no way to do it?If you think about it, it is relieved.

And I have always believed that regarding the future of children, parents should pay attention to the process of raising children. As long as they are attentive, children will not be too bad.

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As for some elderly people or "coming people", they always determine the gender of the baby’s baby’s baby’s belly, most of them look at the gesture of the pregnant mother’s belly and walking.

This is an experience, and the experience is also the chance of half and half.They guess right, we will find it amazing; they guess wrong, we won’t we hold any responsibility?

The old man said, we listened to it, just laughed with one after listening, there was no need to be more real and strong.

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The shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is different, which is largely determined by the baby’s baby.Although the average weight of male babies is heavier than female babies at birth, this gap is not the main difference between the upper and low stomach of the pregnant mother’s belly, size, and round tip.

The position of the baby in the mother’s belly will directly affect the shape of the mother’s belly.If the baby’s back faces the mother, the mother’s belly will be more prominent. If the baby is facing the mother, the mother’s abdomen will be relatively flat.This has nothing to do with the sex of the baby at all.

There are also some pregnant mothers who have not changed much during pregnancy, and they look easier and not clumsy when walking; and some pregnant mothers have changed too much during pregnancy, and they will be as awkward as ducks when they walk.But this is not the basis for judging the sex of the baby, but it is closely related to the diet of pregnant mothers.

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In fact, if you want to accurately judge the gender of your baby, only through scientific methods, "seeing things across the belly" is purely blind and entertaining the public.

As for the scientific methods, such as: DNA blood test, amniocestinal puncture, velveting, and B -ultrasound.The accuracy of these methods is very high, but under normal circumstances, doctors will not and cannot tell pregnant mothers.

In the final analysis, what age is it?"Emphasis on women light men" is not enough.

With the most sincere heart, the most sincere feelings, the baby is welcome. It has nothing to do with men and women, nothing else, just because the baby has gone through the hard, sprinting all the way, worshiping thorns, and bravely to win countless "siblings".Come to be his/her mother!

The following is that he/she wants to write a different life experience with you, and you have a glorious and great identity: Mom!How worth cherishing a sweet and unforgettable parent -child time!

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