Is it normal for pregnancy and vomiting when I am pregnant?The 30 -year -old pregnant woman originally thought it was a pregnancy reaction, and it turned out to be cancer. A bacterial was the culprit.

30 -year -old pregnant woman Xiaoyun (pseudonym)

I pregnant with my second child, often anorexia and vomit,

She thought it was a pregnancy reaction.

Until recently, she vomited blood,

When I went to the hospital, it was actually advanced gastric cancer.

In less than half a month, three young gastric cancer patients were diagnosed with gastric surgery in Fujian Xiehe Hospital, the youngest only 29 years old.Professor Huang Changming, director of gastric surgery of Fujian Xiehe Hospital, said that in the past, the incidence of gastric cancer increased significantly with the increase in age.A few years ago.Everyone should be alert.

"I’m so great!" Xiaoyun regretted it. She said, in fact, before the second child was pregnant, she often bloated, thinking that it was indigestion. She had never checked because she was afraid of gastroscopy.

At the end of last year, she was pregnant with a second child. She was particularly tossing during pregnancy. She often had abdominal pain and vomiting. She could only eat a small bowl of a small bowl of meals.In May, she touched a hard block on her stomach, with a big fist, and she thought it was the torso of the fetus.It wasn’t until a long time ago that she suddenly spit out a blood that she quickly went to make gastroscopy. The test results showed that she had advanced gastric cancer and had to endure pain to terminate her pregnancy.

Due to the severe condition, Xiaoyun resigned and received a 4 -cycle chemotherapy. After the tumor became smaller, he performed the root treatment of laparoscopic gastric cancer, removed two -thirds of the stomach, and recently started chemotherapy.

Xiaoyun is still young, his body is very strong, and he has very little cold. How can he get stomach cancer?

Professor Huang repeatedly asked. Xiaoyun said that she was an accountant, was busy with her work, and had to take care of the children. On weekdays, three meals, when they were hungry, they ate takeaway and like to drink milk tea.

"About one -third of cancer is caused by lifestyle." Professor Huang infer that no one has had gastric cancer. She should be stimulated by irregular diet.

For more than 30 years of medical treatment, Professor Huang has been diagnosed with many young patients. The youngest is a Quanzhou girl. She is only 12 years old. She has had to cut her stomach in the middle and late stages of stomach cancer.

He pointed out that, in addition to genetic factors, long -term staying up late, three meals, and bad lifestyle such as stress will destroy the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract. This is also the main factor of more and more young and middle -aged people suffering from gastric cancer.

"Like the United States, in recent years, the incidence of young gastric cancer under 40 years of age in China has increased significantly, but the early discovery rate is less than 30 %!" Captive Li Ping, a chief physician of the Stomach Surgery of Xiehe Hospital, went to study in the United States to commemorate the Salon Katelin Cancer Center. He said, he said,Young people have a strong metabolism, high degree of malignant tumor, and easy metastasis.However, many people exclude gastroscopy and feel that gastric disease conditioning and conditioning will be good. When the stomach pain can’t carry it, they will go to the hospital, but it is already in the middle and late stages. This is also an important reason for the high gastric cancer mortality rate.

Early gastric cancer has no discomfort, and it is difficult to find. Only gastroscopy is the best way to find gastric cancer. If the patient can detect and treat it when the gastric cancer is limited to the mucosa layer of the gastric wall, the survival rate of 5 years can reach more than 95%.In fact, gastroscopy is constantly developing. At present, the thinnest gastroscopy is only 9 mm in diameter, and there will be no big discomfort. Citizens can also choose painless gastroscopy.

Director Li Ping emphasized that in the past, he believed that the appropriate age of anti -cancer medical examination was over 45 years old. Now it seems that the physical examination should be moved forward.As long as there are symptoms such as weight loss, discharge, stubborn abdominal distension, and qi, you should go to the doctor in time.Chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcers, gastric polyps, family history of family cancer family, and gastric divischers should do gastroscopy regularly. People over 40 years of age can consider gastroscopy once a year.

Recently, the new crown virus has been raging, and Professor Huang deliberately reminded that whether it is relatives and friends, or colleagues, it is best to divide the meal system. Even if it is a small -scale dinner, public chopsticks should be used, which can not only resist the new crown virus, but also resist the pylori.

He pointed out that many gastric cancer patients appeared in the same family because of the pylori in the same family.Over the years, Helicobacter pylori (referred to as HP) is considered the main cause of gastric cancer. The HP infection rate in my country is about 40-60%. Studies have confirmed that the risk of gastric cancer in HP infection has increased by 4 to 6 times. The possibility of cross -infection increases, and the possibility of gastric cancer in the family group becomes higher.

He also pointed out that HP has a strong infectious power and can be transmitted through hands, unclean food, unclean tableware, feces and other channels. It can survive in tap water for 4 to 10 days and survive in the river water for 3 years.Therefore, daily diet should develop good hygiene habits, prevent infection, avoid family cluster infection HP, maintain oral health, should not eat food and drink water, tableware and utensils should be disinfected regularly.EssenceEspecially children and elderly people should try to use high -temperature sterilization stainless steel tableware.

In recent years, in Fujian’s gastric cancer, Professor Huang pointed out that everyone should advocate "premature treatment and prevention prevention."Ensure enough sleep; three meals, breakfast must be eaten, only seven or eight full meals per meal, chew slowly; do not eat cold food before meals, do not do severe exercise for one or two hours after meals;, Fried, barbecue, smoked foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; drink less, drink less alcohol, do not drink on an empty stomach; ulcers should be treated in time, do not abuse painkillers; gastric ulcers are mostly caused by H. pylori.Take bacteriostatic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

Source: Straits Metropolis Daily

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