Is it painful to check during pregnancy?For these 4 inspections, you will not be afraid to prepare

I believe that many expectant mothers are very nervous before pregnancy. On the one hand, they are worried about whether the baby will have any problems. On the one hand, worry about whether the process of pregnancy tests will be painful.Generally speaking, the threshold of each person is different, and the ability to endure pain is also different. What kind of pregnancy test items are the most painful, expectant mothers can understand the following items and prepare for psychological preparations.

1. Pump blood

Usually pregnancy testing is to check projects such as blood routine, liver merit, kidney skills, and infectious diseases. Some pregnant women think that blood drawing is the most painful. I feel dizzy when I see that I have been taken away by several tubes.Swittering techniques can reduce the pain.

What pregnant women need to pay attention to is not to eat after 8 pm the day before the blood drawing. Wearing loose clothes with sleeves, press the pinhole for 3-5 minutes after blood drawing, so as not to form blood stasis.

2. Four -dimensional

When doing four dimensions, most pregnant women only feel that doctors press their stomachs, pat their belly, and shake their stomachs. There is no discomfort, but some pregnant women may feel that the doctor’s hands are too big and the stomach hurts.In this case, you can tell the doctor his discomfort in time, let him be lighter. Pregnant women can also walk two laps before the examination.Wear dress.

3. Internal inspection

Pregnant women who decide to have a cesarean section can do not need to conduct this examination, but for pregnant women who are born, this is a test that must be experienced. The process of this test is that the doctor put his fingers into the vagina and touch the bottom of the uterine bottom, which will make people feel that people feelIt is difficult to feel affectionate, and it will bring discomfort and even pain.

It is recommended that pregnant women prepare for their psychological preparations, and they must relax their mood and body, because the more nervous, the more pain, and try to cooperate with the doctor’s examination.

4. Amniotic fluid puncture

The process of amniotic fluid puncture is that doctors have pierced abdomen and uterus with a puncture needle. Many pregnant women think that this test is the most painful and even take a few days.However, not all pregnant women have to be checked by amniotic fluid. Generally speaking, pregnant women over 35 years of age, suspicion or detecting fetal chromosomal abnormalities must do amniotic fluid puncture.

However, pregnant women do not have to worry before doing this examination. Although there are innovation inspections, it is relatively safe. It only needs to lie down for 1 or 2 hours after the inspection is completed before leaving the hospital, and it must be rest at home for 1 or 2 days.

Of course, there are also pregnant women who feel that the above four tests do not feel much. If the pregnant woman is really scared, they can do the precautions of these four inspections in advance. Choose a regular hospital for examination.Essence

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