Is it particular about eating and drinking during pregnancy?

Today, I passed by the original unit to do something. When she met her original colleague, she was still working in the original unit. She felt that she was fatter than the original, and because she was not familiar with it, she did not dare to ask."Are you fat or pregnant?" After hearing it, she laughed and said, "You always want to ask, don’t be embarrassed to ask" I said "Yes" she said today, passing by the original unit to do something, and encountered the original unit.Her colleague, she still worked in the original unit. She felt that she was fatter than the original, and because she was not familiar with it, she didn’t dare to ask. In the end, she was too important to ask, "Are you fat or pregnant?"Haha laughed and said, "You always want to ask, don’t be embarrassed," I said, "Yes" she said, "Yes, I am afraid that I am fat, I don’t like to listen, and I dare not ask if I’m pregnant.I’m pregnant, the second child "I hurriedly said:" Congratulations ", then we talked about the diet during pregnancy and the issues that needed attention.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will naturally pay great attention to their diet.Not only should you have a rich diet, you also need to adjust your diet in a timely manner.Eating some foods that are easy to digest and nutritious, expectant mothers have a large demand for nutritional energy, and it is very good to supplement a large amount of energy and nutrition.Don’t choose big fish and meat for saving trouble, which will lead to excess nutrition, so that the baby’s growth is too fast.You can choose to eat beef, the protein and iron content in beef are very high, which can promote the development of the baby’s physical fitness, prevent pregnancy anemia and baby anemia.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.The rich vitamin C in Apple can enhance the disease resistance of pregnant women, and also helps the baby’s physical development.

Pregnant women are best to eat various variety of vegetables with rich folic acid every day, such as spinach, rapeseed, cabbage, lettuce, etc., which contain higher vitamin E. Eating peanuts in early pregnancy can maintain normal ovarian function, and there is a fetal preservation.Efficacy.Eat more soy products, dairy products, etc., diverse diets, vegetarian and vegetarian matching, and balanced nutrition.

Foods such as rice and noodles are rich in carbohydrates, which can provide sufficient heat and help the baby’s physical development.

At the same time, you cannot eat the following foods during pregnancy:

1. Crab is a kind of cold food, which has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Crab in pregnant women can easily cause severe uterine contraction, which leads to abortion and bleeding.

2. Barley rice has the effect of excited uterus. Consumption of barley during pregnancy during pregnancy can easily cause uterine contraction and even cause abortion;

3. Pregnant women cannot eat aloe vera, because aloe vera can stimulate the intestinal mucosa of pregnant women. If you eat too much aloe at one time, pregnant women may have gastrointestinal discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., which may be serious.Causes renal damage;

4. Pregnant women cannot drink and coffee during pregnancy. The intake of alcohol or excessive caffeine in pregnant women may affect the growth of fetal bones and cause malformations.

5 Spicy stimulation: such as pepper, liquor, spicy hot pot, etc., should be avoided to avoid causing gastrointestinal discomfort, affecting bowel movement, etc., which will affect pregnant women.

We talked about the dietary problems of pregnant mothers very much

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