Is it really helpful to prepare for black beans to promote ovulation?

Xiaobian wants to tell couples who have this question that this rumor has not been scientifically verified. Black beans contain plant estrogen, but pregnancy is not to rely on estrogen, and the focus of pregnancy is not pressed on it.

What are the nutritional value?

Black beans have high protein and low -calorie characteristics, and the protein content is as high as 45%.Among them, the high -quality protein is about 1/4 higher than the soybeans, ranking first in various beans, so it also won the reputation of "King of Bean".Compared with protein -rich meat, black beans are not only inferior to inferiority, but they must be better. Its protein content is equivalent to 2 times the meat (pork, chicken), which is 3 times the eggs and 12 times the milk.Therefore, it is also known as "plant protein meat".Black beans contain protein, fat, sugars, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, tobaccoic acid, etc., and contain soy & ticonin, choline, soybean alcohol, folic acid, panic acid, etc.Soyfenzohylin is the main ingredient of soybean exzizoone.The two substances of soybean isoflavones and folic acid are estrogen supplemented by women’s body deficiency.

Can black beans really promote ovulation to help women conceive?

We have just introduced that black beans have soy & flavonoids, and soy & flavonoids are the main ingredients of soybean exzi fuzins.Soy isoflavones, also known as plant estrogen, have good effects to supplement estrogen and can regulate insufficient secretion of estrogen.The estrogen hormones increase the thickness of the endometrium, stimulate follicular development, and promote the development of tubal tube, strengthen the amplitude of rhythmic contraction of fallopian tubes.Therefore, there is a magical effect of "black beans can really promote ovulation and help women conceive".

However, Xiaobian is going to hit the little couple who wants to succeed in conceiving black beans today.Because it is not clinically taken to help pregnancy to help pregnancy, because the effect of this method has not been scientifically verified. From a nutritional perspective, black beans contain plant estrogen, but other beans such as soybeans are also contained.It may have the effect of supplementing estrogen, but pregnancy is not dependent on estrogen, and the amount of black beans supplemented is also suitable. If you consume a lot of intake, it may also cause reaction effects such as the physiological cycle abnormalities.

Whether it is a healthy crowd or a diagnosis of infertility, the hope of gestation cannot be pinned on black beans.If it is a healthy crowd, it is okay to eat some black beans for health care; but if it is a patient with low estrogen and abnormal uterine endometrium, you must seek medical treatment in time.Condition.

How to eat black beans correctly?What are the taboos of eating black beans?

1. Black beans should not eat raw and fried food, because black beans contain aspirin enzyme inhibitors, these condensats that inhibit growth, and thyroid perchin that reduce iodine absorption can be destroyed after cooking, and will not cause adverse effects on the body.

2. Black beans should not be eaten on an empty stomach. The raw black beans contain high fiber and not easy to digest. Edge consumption can stimulate the stomach and stomach;

3. Black beans have health care functions, but no food should not be taken too much, otherwise it is not good for health.

Xiaobian has something to say: Although black beans are not rich in nutrition, long -term consumption has a beauty effect on women, but it does not help the pregnancy. Preparation of young couples should not use black beans as a way to help, and excessive consumption will cause physical burden.

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