Is it safe to release the "essence" in vitro?These three methods are not reliable

What kind of contraceptive method is correct and should be understood in detail, because for women who have completed fertility tasks or have no fertility needs, accidental pregnancy is undoubtedly a big burden.To end pregnancy, it will cause damage to the body. Therefore, we must understand the reliable contraception and implement the action in order to effectively contraception.

Can men release their contraceptives safely in the process of sex?

Many people have misunderstandings. They feel that men can achieve the ideal contraceptive effect without ejaculation in women’s body, but they are actually not the case. They should wear condoms throughout the process.In the state, prostate fluid will be secreted. These liquids also have a small amount of sperm. If the sperm quality is high, sufficient vitality, and a small amount, it is still possible to get pregnant.

It is not necessary to ejaculate in the body, and sometimes the female ejaculation women will also be recruited. Therefore, the misunderstanding should not be caught. It should be protected throughout the process.

Which contraceptive methods are unreliable?

There are many ways to contraception, but not all contraceptive methods are reliable. There are many disadvantages of taking contraceptives for a long time.Contraceptive pills are a kind of drug, but three -point drugs. Not all drugs can be effective after use, and liver and kidney can bear it.Body damage.

Some people miss the best time to take contraceptives, or what the choice of contraceptive pills are not clear, which may cause contraceptive failure, so those who want to use drugs should consider it carefully.

When you are about to reach the climax, you can wear a condom. Many men have this wrong behavior and feel that wearing a condom is uncomfortable. You can not wear it at the beginning.There are risks, the principle is the same as ejaculation in the body.

Sexual stimulation in the process of sexual life will excite men and constantly secrete prostate fluids. These liquids also have a small amount of sperm. If the quality is high and sufficient.Use condoms.

Those men and women who want contraception may calculate the safe period, observe women’s menstruation to calculate the scope of safety, and choose to go to the same room in the safety period. I think this is the most natural and lowest cost.

The so -called safe period is difficult to prevent women from having no safety during their lives. If there is just an error, there may be no protection measures that may cause accidental pregnancy.The safety period is not absolutely safe, don’t depend on the safe period too much.

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