Is it uncomfortable with pregnancy after pregnancy?Do these 4 things, help you effectively pre -pre -pre -and anti -relieving pregnancy

After pregnancy, most mothers will have gastrointestinal discomfort due to changes in hormones in the body, such as nausea, nausea, indigestion, vomiting and other symptoms. These are normal physiological reactions. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.Doing the following 4 things can help you effectively prevent and relieve pregnancy.

1. Don’t be hungry

Many pregnant mothers are afraid that pregnancy vomiting is uncomfortable, so she simply not eats.In fact, in an empty stomach, it will not only increase the adverse reactions of the gastrointestinal tract, but also more prone to nausea, resulting in intensification of pregnancy vomiting, so pregnant mothers should try to avoid being hungry as much as possible.

Usually, you can prepare some snacks at hand, such as soda biscuits, raisins, red dates, or daily nuts of small packaging, etc. You can also prepare some yogurt and fresh fruits in the bag or office to prepare from time to time.

2. Eat less meals

Eat a little less at a time, which can reduce the stimulation of the stomach, and it will not be filled with the stomach too much, which can prevent vomiting very well.Therefore, if you usually vomit more seriously, you can try to change three meals a day to 5 meals, or even 6 meals a day, and eat less each time.

3. Properly increase the intake of fruit

The vast majority of fruits contain more vitamin C and organic acid, which is also rich in sugar and moisture. For pregnant mothers, it can supplement moisture and relieve vomiting.At the same time, sour fruits such as hawthorn and oranges can sometimes play an appetizer and promote appetite.

However, don’t eat too much fruit at a time, otherwise the gastrointestinal motility of mothers during pregnancy slows down and is easy to digest. Even if it is fruit, a large amount of intake at one time will cause the burden on the stomach.

4. Do not use prescriptions and spitter

There are some prescriptions that have been circulated on the Internet. Many pregnant mothers also have relatives and friends around them who will enthusiastically informed some relief earthwork. You know, it is very normal for vomiting in the early pregnancy.The body causes a certain harm, so pregnant mothers must not try "squares" with their body.

If you really vomit, you can eat a little vitamin B6 in the guidance of the doctor, but at this time the vitamin B6 is taken as a drug, so you must follow the doctor’s advice and avoid eating blindly at home.

Even if you are pregnant, the pregnant mother must ensure two points. The first point is to ensure the intake of moisture and prevent dehydration, but do not drink a lot of water before or after meals.Another point is to continue to eat after vomiting, especially the staple food, and ensure the intake of 200g of carbohydrates every day.

If you really vomit, you ca n’t eat it at all, you ca n’t drink it, then you have to go to the doctor. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can supplement water and nutrition through veins to ensure that the body of pregnant mothers and fetal treasures is worry -free.

Mom, do you have a fierce reaction when you are pregnant?What foods are not disgusted?Welcome to leave a message to share your personal breeding experience ~

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