Is progesterone really a "fetal artifact"?How to eat the most scientific?

It is said that progesterone is a "fetal artifact", so what exactly is progesterone?Magne ketone is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It has a significant morphological effect on the endometrium stimulated by estrogen in the body and is necessary for maintaining pregnancy.But is progesterone really a "fetal artifact"?Let’s first understand the scope of the application of tire preservation medicines and how to eat the most scientific luteum.

Scope of application of fetal medicine:

Some people question the use of progesterone when pregnant women have a pioneering abortion. They are worried that the use of a large amount of progesterone in early pregnancy may increase the danger of fetal deformity 8 times.

In this regard, experts point out that only when progesterone levels are low, you need to replenish progesterone to protect the tire. If there are problems with the embryo itself, there is no need to protect the tire.

The use of progesterone tires is very limited.Childonone is a progesterone, which is useful for threatened abortion caused by insufficient luteal secretion and lack of progesterone.But we must first figure out whether the lack of progesterone.Indeed, those who are lack of luteal function will not cause danger to continue to use progesterone normally.

How to eat the most scientific cannone?

There are generally two types of luteum drugs prescribed by doctors, one is injection type, and the other is orally.The injection type is controlled by the doctor. We do not need to control too much, just inject on time.We need to know more orally.

Oral luteum, please follow the doctor’s order strictly, because doctors will give different doses according to the specific conditions of pregnant women, so they must be carried out strictly in accordance with the doctor’s order.At the same time, progesterone has side effects, and orally should be strict.

Note: The oral luteum dosage rumored on the Internet is used to adjust menstruation. Pregnant women do not take that dopstick.

What should I do if pregnant women have low progesterone?

The safest way: food supplement

Performatone is low. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment. Under the doctor’s order, natural progesterone is supplemented. Eat foods such as soybeans to help increase progesterone (progesterone). In addition to obtaining from food, you can also eat some fruit glue,Dietary fiber peaches, grapefruit, strawberry, kiwi, Yali and other fruits that will not significantly reduce and increase blood sugar can also effectively supplement progesterone.

Fruits that can be used to supplement women’s progesterone usually have the following four characteristics:

First, the appearance is fresh and the taste is delicious, and it will be more appetite when you look at it.

Second, foods must effectively promote digestion and have the effect of delaying aging. Such fruits are usually rich in various vitamins, especially VC.

Third, you must choose low -sugar fruits that are prone to fullness, with large volume and low sugar than staple food.

Fourth, such fruits must have the function of slowing glucose absorption. Fruits with this function need to be rich in pectin and dietary fiber.

Everything has a degree. Under the guidance of the doctor, strict medication is much safer than abuse of themselves. The pregnant mothers who want to protect the fetus must repeatedly confirm and take the medicine with your doctor.

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