Is the acid reflux?Do you need treatment?Let me tell you this time to understand

When we watched TV series, we often saw such a plot from time to time: the heroine reflects the sour and runs to the bathroom to vomit.As soon as I went to the hospital for examination, the results were "happy"!

But does it really mean that in reality does not have an inferior acid reflux?

Although one of the reactions of early pregnancy women’s early pregnancy, acid reflux is actually regardless of men and women, and there are many cases that cause acid reflux.

Antic acid refers to the stomach -based gastric content.Due to the acidic irritation of the gastric acid, it sometimes feels tingling in the mouth.

Many digestive system diseases can cause acid reflux, such as esophagitis, gastroebch esophageal reflux disease (including reflux esophagitis and non -erosion reflux), esophageal cancer, functional indigestion, digestive ulcers, gastric cancer, etc.In addition, taking certain drugs can also cause acid reflux, such as anti -choline drugs (such as atropine), catekine, stability, calcium ion channel blocking agent (such as Verapmi, Niguki horizon), nitrate glycerinClass and so on.In addition, after smoking, drinking, drinking coffee, eating chocolate and greasy food, occasional acid reflux occurs, called physiological acid reflux.

If it is only occasionally anti -acid, after quitting the inducement, such as quit coffee, chocolate, etc., if the symptoms are relieved, no drug treatment is required.

If it is frequent and accompanied by burning chest pain, standardized treatment should be performed.After standardized treatment, the vast majority of patients can get good results, and generally do not require surgery.

Standard treatment includes non -drug therapy and drug treatment.

Non -drug treatment

Gall up the pillow while sleeping; avoid eating within two hours before going to bed, only eat 56 % full for each meal, eat less meals; avoid eating high fat and hot and sour food, as well as chocolate, coffee, thick tea, durian, mango, mango, mangoWait; pay attention to eliminating all factors that can increase abdominal pressure, such as obesity, constipation, and tight belt.

medical treatement

After non -drug treatment, those with symptoms should still take drugs, with a course of treatment from 2 to 3 months.Commonly used drugs are: H2 receptor antagonists, such as Simiidine, Renitidine, Famodidine, etc.; Proton pump inhibitors, such as Omeprazole, Lamoszole, Rebitzole, EsopusoMedicazole et al.; Neutralized gastric acid drugs, such as Weidi, Daxi tablets, etc.; Gastric and intestinal dynamic drugs, such as morpholine, Moshabeli, etc.

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