Is the back pain after cesarean section? Is it a disaster caused by anesthesia?

In life, many mothers who have undergone cesarean section surgery will feel the back of the back of the back for a long time after the operation, and many people think that this is caused by the anesthesia of the cesarean section.Does this say make sense?

In fact, there are many causes of back pain after cesarean section. For example, calcium deficiency during pregnancy, postpartum fatigue, improper rest, etc., may not be caused by anesthesia during surgery.Before and after pregnancy production, women’s physiological, psychological, and lifestyle has undergone significant changes, which is often the main cause of postpartum back pain.

Physiological calcium deficiency

Due to the need to consume a lot of energy during childbirth, the mother’s body is very weak. In addition, breastfeeding needs to be breastded. The loss of calcium in the body will accelerate, which will easily cause low back pain.

Physiological disorders

The nerve and vascular dysfunction in the pelvis of the maternal pelvis, or the discharge of the lochia, the poor uterine recovery, the pain of the pelvic cavity reflects the waist, which can also cause back pain.

Poor uterine recovery

When the maternal bed rests, the ligament that maintains the forward flexion of the uterus is relaxed, which cannot play a role, and the uterus fails to completely reset after birth, which stimulates the lumbosacral region to cause lumbaric acid and low back pain.

Too much after giving birth

After childbirth, the baby is too tired and loading, or the mother stands for a long time, a long squat, sedentary or tight waist, etc., resulting in lumbar pain in the uterine prolapse.

Lack of appropriate exercise

Many women during the confinement due to excessive restraint, resulting in slow blood circulation of the body; after confinement, lack of exercise, increased abdominal fat, increased muscle load, causing lumbar muscle strain to cause back pain.

Back pain before giving birth

Lumbar pain caused by bones, kidneys, gynecology and other diseases before gynecology may increase after childbirth.

Back pain caused by these common situations above is not caused by surgery or anesthesia. It belongs to postpartum low back pain caused by maternal physiology and pathological changes.

After the maternal low back pain occurs, some preventive measures can be taken in terms of details of life.

Combine labor and rest

During the confinement, the mother should pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Do not bend over frequently. Bend over will increase the load of the lumbar muscle ligament, which is prone to back pain.

Feeding pose

Improper breastfeeding posture, cold cold, or too tired can cause back pain, so the feeding posture should be proper, it is advisable to feel comfortable, and do a good job of keeping warm.

Proper calcium supplement

Calcium deficiency can also lead to low back pain. Because the nutritional nutrition needs for baby growth, the maternal loss is large during breastfeeding, so pay attention to supplementing calcium appropriately, consume more calcium -rich foods, and expose the sun appropriately.

Avoid cold food

After giving birth, pay attention not to drink cold water, eat less cold foods, so as not to cause poor blood circulation, resulting in low back pain or lumbar pain.

In addition, osteomas or nerve injuries, hematoma, and reflexive muscle spasm caused by cesarean section anesthesia puncture can also cause back pain in the birth of women. Therefore, very few postpartum low back pain is caused by anesthesia operation.Operation is important.The probability of lumbar pain caused by anesthesia is small, and even after it happens, it can disappear within 3 to 6 months.

Text: Cecilia Yin, chief physician of the Department of Anesthesiology, Hunan Province Second People’s Hospital

Organize: Liu Li

Edit: Guan Zhongyao

Review: Cao Zheng

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