Is the honeymoon the best time to get pregnant?In these cases, it is not advisable to get pregnant!

Starting next week, colleagues A has invited a monthly wedding leave, ready to solve the wedding, honeymoon, and the baby of Huai Huai, and then come back to work with peace of mind.

Near the get off work, she had already been unable to bear the excitement in her heart, and her happiness was rippling in the eyebrows.

"Congratulations in advance! Where is the honeymoon?" I bless.

"Thank you. We are going to Maldives. I heard that the environment there is particularly good, sea view room, listening to the sound of the sea every day …". "

"Then applaud for love!" Colleagues B took the sink immediately and applauded only with his hands.We all laughed!

"But I heard that the honeymoon is not the best time to get pregnant, because the journey is too exhausted!" Colleagues B went on.

Colleagues A’s face questioned: "No? I always thought that the honeymoon was for pregnancy!"

It depends on whether you have a better physical condition when you spend your honeymoon?

If you usually work regularly, and you do n’t get pregnant during the honeymoon, you should not get pregnant when you spend your honeymoon.

Some scenic spots in China, queue up to buy tickets, wait in line to wait for cars, queue to take pictures, the experience is very bad, spend money to suffer; foreign countries need long -distance trek, timely difference, disrupt sleep.Such a honeymoon allows the newlyweds to consume the body overload, reduce the quality of sperm and eggs, and should not conceive.It’s better to have a good physical condition that usually go to work!

If you usually go to work and stress, you are very casual and relaxed during the honeymoon, and it is the best time to get pregnant.

Although the combination of long holidays and marriage leave is the first choice for most people and the most economical honeymoon leave, the flying baby still advises everyone not to travel the honeymoon during the long vacation.

Choose a special day that belongs to you, or go to the quiet mountainous area, watch the flowers and plants of the mountains; or to the open seaside, listen to the happy and peaceful waves; or to the ancient city of history, smell the ancient crafted handicrafts.

1. During the illness.

If the woman’s body is hugged, the quality of the eggs and the bed environment in the palace are not good, the drugs taken by the disease may also adversely affect the eggs.The same is true for the man.Therefore, it is not advisable to get pregnant when the husband and wife are sick.

Second, the effects period of contraceptives and contraceptive ring.

Contraceptives and contraceptives are not ready to get pregnant immediately.Medically, it is generally believed that within half a year of stop taking contraceptives, it is not advisable to get pregnant within 3 months of the contraceptive ring.Because of the adverse effects of contraceptives and contraceptives on women’s bodies, Flying Baby does not recommend everyone to use these two contraceptive methods.

Third, the effect of premature or abortion.

After premature or abortion, the level of hormones and hormones in the body is difficult to return to normal. If you are pregnant soon, it is easy to form habitual abortion. It is best to wait for at least one year to get pregnant.

Fourth, try not to get pregnant in a harsh season.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have a series of discomfort symptoms.If it is just in the hot Sanfu Tian, it may aggravate the symptoms of poor appetite and cause insufficient food intake. If it happens to be in the cold winter, it will make it easier for pregnant women to catch a cold, which is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.

Under the above circumstances, it is not appropriate to get pregnant, not to say that you must not get pregnant.From the perspective of eugenics, mothers who want babies are better to avoid these periods!

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