Is the leg pain during pregnancy, must it be calcium deficiency?How to relieve it?

With the increase of the gestational week, the fetus gradually grew up, and the discomfort of expectant mothers gradually increased. Leg pain was one of the common symptoms that troubled expectant mothers.So what are the common causes of leg pain?What can I relieve leg pain?

Compression of lumbosacral nerves: During pregnancy, changes in hormone secretion, especially the increase of relaxation, relaxate the joint ligament of expectant mothers. In addition, the uterus gradually becomes larger, compressing the lumbosacral nerves, and pulling the ligament, it may cause leg pain.If you have a quasi -mothers with lumbarism before pregnancy, your legs may be more severe. His leg pain can be unilateral or both sides. It can be dull pain or tingling.

Compression of sciatic nerves: Due to the large of the fetus, compression sciatic nerves are often manifested as the hip, below the back, and the sudden severe pain, tingling or numbness of the abruptness of the legs, and are more common on the unilateral side.

The above method of compressing nerve relief: It is not recommended to stand for a long time, standing and activity can use a pregnant woman’s abdomen belt.It can support the abdomen to reduce abdominal pressure and traction to the waist, and it can also alleviate the compression of the nerves.

Keep your spine straight when you sit up. You can support your calf with a stool, and at the same time placing a pillow behind the waist, which can effectively alleviate the oppression of the waist.

It is recommended to take a side position when sleeping, and choose a different side of the body to lie down.The posture is as follows: the legs are bent one after the other, the knee is bent, and a soft pillow is placed in the middle of the knees.When lying on the side of the pregnancy, you can use a cushion to support the abdomen.

Exercise appropriately

Hip bridge movement: lying flat, knee flexing, and two feet flat on the ground, support your head and shoulders with pillows, and put your arms on the side of your body to relax.Take a deep breath, keep your back close to the floor at the same time, keep it for 10 seconds, and then relax.At the beginning, it was repeated 3-4 times, gradually increased to 12 times, and then 24 times.

Baby style: Kneeling on the floor, sitting on the ankle, big toe.Stretch your thighs, tilt forward, relax your stomach, straighten your arms, and then touched.Keep this posture for 2 minutes and repeat several times a day.

Ball exercise: Sitting or lying on a practice ball, shaking back and forth and relaxing.

Auxiliary therapies such as hot compresses, massage, spinal massage can also be considered to relieve sciatica.

Calcium deficiency and vitamin D: With the development of the fetus, the amount of calcium in need is getting larger and larger. Some expectant mothers do not supplement enough vitamin D and calcium tablets, which will cause calcium deficiency, which will cause leg pain, and even accompany muscles with musclesSpasm.

Pay attention to the reasonable amount of calcium and vitamin D during pregnancy.Pay attention to the supplement of calcium, calcium in early pregnancy requires: 800mg/day, 1000mg/day in the middle of pregnancy, and 1000mg/day in the third trimester.Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium. In addition to oral vitamin D, the sun is often exposed. It is time to ensure the time of sun exposure of the sun more than 2 and a half hours a day.Shrimp skin, soybean products, nuts, etc. are also calcium supplements. Among them, nuts contain high calories and do not eat too much.

We often say that bone soup does not have such a good calcium supplement effect.Cakes, chocolate and other sweets may cause calcium loss, so be sure to avoid too much consumption.Here is a list of high calcium food.

Leg pain caused by lower limb thrombosis: Because the blood of pregnant women is high -gel, it is very easy to form lower limb thrombosis during pregnancy.The skin temperature of the affected limb, the pain of the calf, the thickness of the bilateral calfs, the thickness of the calf, the pain in the calf muscles, and the pain of the gap.

Treatment method: You need to seek medical treatment immediately, and the lower limb venous ultrasound examination. Once diagnosed, you should intervene in the filter treatment as soon as possible.

Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis Pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis: manifested as a walking pain, redness, and arthrocytic dysfunction, which may be accompanied by fever.

Method: Need a rheumatic immunology department, you can use the hot compress method to relieve pain.

The lower limb pain caused by the varicose veins of the lower limbs: manifested as the blood vessels of the lower limbs, a earthworm -like, and pain with the affected area.

Method: Avoid sitting for a long time to ensure proper exercise, promote blood circulation, and often lift your legs, promote the return of blood from the lower limbs, reduce leg congestion, appropriately apply the legs to massage the lower limbs.

In short, leg pain during pregnancy is a common problem. Many reasons can cause leg pain. Different causes of treatment methods. You must find a doctor to help you check and give you the correct guidance.

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