Is the two parts suddenly painful?The doctor said the truth of the "winning", and the woman blushed

Is the two parts suddenly painful?The doctor said the truth of the "winning", and the woman blushed!

Every family is looking forward to the baby’s arrival, but often pregnancy cannot be decided by themselves. Many careless mothers generally know after one month of pregnancy. Many novices do not know that they are pregnant and did not make a protection in timeMeasures, I regret it in the end.

Bao Ma Huanhuan was talking about her pregnancy, and she was afraid and embarrassed.At that time, Huai Dabao was the first month. During that time, Huan Huan often stayed up late to the middle of the night in order to work. Later, I felt the lower abdomen and chest hurt. I thought it was going to have a menstruation but never moved.Husband was also very worried. When the doctor said, "Congratulations to you, winning the prize", Huanhuan was ashamed, but he didn’t expect to be careless until he was pregnant. When he thought of working overtime late at night, Huanhuan couldn’t help but be afraid. After all, he was pregnant with pregnant children.most important.

In fact, the "carelessness" of Baoma Huanhuan is committed by many women. Generally, the characteristics of pregnancy are mentioned. Everyone thinks that menstruation is not coming, the lower abdomen gradually bulges, pregnancy vomiting, and no appetite."After that, women will send signals after pregnancy. When you master these mysteries, you can easily judge whether you are pregnant.

1. Small abdominal pain, many female friends know that when they have pain in their lower abdomen, they indicate that "Auntie" is coming.But "Auntie" did not come, but the lower abdomen continued to hurt.In fact, there is a significant difference between the two and the pain of the two. Generally, pregnancy will not come to menstruation. If bleeding, it will disappear quickly. "Aunt Pain" is a kind of persistence., But pregnancy pain is because the fertilized eggs need to be bed, which will cause a brief pain. Generally, it will not last for a long time.Women’s stomach is not obvious. As the developmental uterus of fertilized eggs swells, it will inevitably pull the uterine ligament, and the expectant mothers will naturally feel obvious pain.

2. chest pain, in fact, chest pain is also when many women appear with "Aunt Pain" when menstruation.Like the lower abdomen pain above, the chest pain and the pain during menstruation are also different. The chest pain in the menstruation is obvious, and the chest pain and chest pain have a long time when pregnancy.Relief is caused by increased hormones in women.In addition, the chest will become sensitive after pregnancy, and you can use hot compresses, massage, etc. to relieve.

If women have the above two symptoms, they can buy a pregnancy test stick test. If you are not at ease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for blood test.Of course, in addition to sending these two signals, women’s pregnant bodies have others.After pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay more attention to rest. At this time, the appetite will deteriorate. The family prepares some fruits and vegetables every day. Pregnant women can also exercise appropriately to enhance their physique.

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