Is there a horrible uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

Uterine fibroids are common benign tumors for women, with higher incidence.However, during pregnancy, patients with uterine fibroids were found in a relatively low incidence, about 0.3%-2.3%.

At present, after pregnancy, the changes in estrogen after pregnancy after pregnancy, or the increase in blood circulation, or increased significantly, and the increase in advanced pregnancy is not obvious.Patients with uterine fibroids during pregnancy may have some impact on pregnancy.Such as natural miscarriage, premature birth, early stripping of placenta, abnormal fetal position, and difficulty in birth, so be careful clinically.

Generally speaking, uterine fibroids are as benign tumors. Patients do not have obvious discomfort, and daily work and life are not affected. Regular medical examinations can be checked.Compared to surgery, micro -innovation technology has been well received in recent years. For example, the representative of non -invasive technology -HIFU, the principle is to gather ultrasonic waves emitted in vitroEffects, etc., make the fibonic tissue irreversible coagulation necrosis, which is absorbed by the body and achieves the purpose of treatment.For women with fertility, HIFU treatment is the first choice.

As for the timing of uterine fibroid resection, whether it is smooth or cesarean section, it is best to wait until the uterine recovery, and the fibroids are decided.Of course, some cases are currently in clinical cases. Uterine fibroids are performed during pregnancy or in cesarean section.However, whether patients with uterine fibroids need to choose the opportunity for uterine fibroids to remove the timing of uterine fibroids still need to be scientifically selected according to the condition of maternal and infant conditions.

The father and mother looked at her unborn baby’s shoes

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and uterine fibroids do not have to panic during pregnancy.Regularly do a good job during pregnancy, fetal preservation, and always maintain an optimistic attitude. Don’t feel that you have a terrible thing to get pregnant with uterine fibroids. It can still give birth to a healthy and lovely baby in time.

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