Is there any sign of dreaming of a loved ones?

Sleeping with my son at night, I woke up at 5 am in the morning, and no longer sleepy, so I got up to brush the phone, and I was confused for a few minutes.Enter the dream:

I impressed each time my mother gave me a long time at the door

The place in describing the old house is the old house. Dreaming of the dying mother took out a piece of clothes to let my son wear, and the mother also wore a new windbreaker, the black and yellow stitching.In real life, my mother had died and never met my son.However, I couldn’t find my son many times in dreaming, and finally found it in my mother.Then I said dreams, and then I went to the sister -in -law’s house again, and some nieces were there. I do n’t know what I said, I just remember that I said it was 7:40. I was going to send my son to school, and then left.I heard the sister -in -law said: After eating the Miao Miao Valley, I couldn’t care about it. When I went out, I crawled up. How tall the door was, I just thought about sending my son to school.At the end of the soil, I finally imagined the edge of the door frame, and tightly buckled the edge of the door frame. The legs were lifted upward, and finally came out, and then left the sister -in -law’s house.Then I woke up from the dream. Look at the 6:40 in Table 640. I still think about that dream for half a day. The reality is only 7 or 8 minutes. However, I feel in the dream for a long time.Suddenly I heard someone spoke softly in my ear, and quickly got up, so scared and dare not sleep again.

Walk back and forth between the well water and your stove every day

Do you know what dream is?In fact, the died mother gave my son to wear clothes because I found a thin little clothes for my son during the day. After finding it for a while, no, so I dreamed that the mother who dreamed of dying was worn with her son.It’s been a year old, and I still appear in my dream from time to time, either I didn’t eat good meals in real life.I want her to stand in front of me, I want to be wronged, "Mom, you hug me."Then she cried in her arms, crying quickly.

In the impression, the mother’s figure in the brick kiln

So friends, do you know how good a mother is?I often see my mother and daughter quarrel, and controversy, I will regret it and persuade them, but who can feel the same, only when the child wants to be filial, it is estimated that they understand!If my mother can appear again, I will not talk to her. I must follow her heart. I must get married early and let her hug her grandson. I must take her to visit, take her to buy clothesEat delicious, mom, do you know, my daughter regrets to talk to you, and now I really want to slap myself at that time.Gui, mother, you have to be good over there!Mom … if I think of me, I will come in my dream, okay …

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