Is there really a "cancer -free village"?CCTV visits found that villagers often use it to soak in water

Astragalus is a common Chinese medicine. It is often used to soak water and soup.Astragalus can be healthy, and many people know, but astragalus also has a "hidden skill" -Antuctive anti -cancer, do you know?

The level of living has improved, and people’s pursuits are more. They no longer just think about the problem of food and clothing, but hope that they live healthily, have a longer life, and enjoy a better life.As a result, various Changshou Township and Changshou Village have become popular tourist destinations visited by tourists, such as Bama, Guangxi and Tonglu, Zhejiang.The longevity cheats of these longevity villages have gradually surfaced.

In Tonglu, a well -known longevity hometown in my country, there is a small village called Shishe Village.Shishe Village looks flat. However, during the investigation, experts found that Shishe Village has not experienced a cancer patient for decades!

This news excites everyone. Today, there is still such a magical village with a high incidence of cancer?If we find the secret of no cancer in Shishe Village, will we have one more way to fight cancer?

Wei Wei, an expert in the spleen and stomach disease of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also felt incredible. He made a special trip to Shishe Village and wanted to explore the secrets of cancer -free villages.After some investigation, Wei Wei discovered the biggest hero of Changshou Village -astragalus.

After living in Shishe Village for a few days, Wei Wei found that Shishe Village was warm and humid, sufficient in sunlight, fresh air, and the environment was very suitable for astragalus growth.

The villagers in Shishe Village are also very clever. They can dig some astragalus when they are fine.

Wei Wei believes that Astragalus was commonly used in ancient health medicinal materials in ancient times. The secrets of no cancer in Shishe Village are likely to be related to the long -term eating of astragalus by villagers.

Professor Yu Rencun is the chief physician of the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University and one of the founders of the Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Cancer Discipline. He has studied the tumor for more than 50 years and he has cured many patients with tumor.In the CCTV program "Traditional Chinese Medicine", Yu Lao mentioned that more than 90%of patients he encountered will use astragalus.He found that many tumor patients will consume gas and blood after surgery, and spleen and kidney will be damaged. Therefore, he often adds qi medicine astragalus to treat such patients to achieve the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, spleen and kidney.

And because he had suffered intestinal cancer in his early years, he made a health soup every one or two weeks, and the most important medicinal material in it was astragalus.

Picture source: CCTV

Picture source: CCTV

Astragalus anti -cancer is not nonsense.

More than two thousand years ago, Astragalus was regarded as a herbal herbal medicine by medical scientists.Among them, the efficacy of astragalus nourishing qi is particularly prominent.The ancient medical book "Book of Books" recorded: "The main gangrene, long defeated sores, pus and pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that astragalus is sweet, slightly warm, and mainly enters the spleen meridian, and treats the symptoms of bloating, stomach pain, loss of appetite, mental depression, weak constitution, and weak constitution.

However, it is necessary to clear the effects of Astragalus anti -cancer, but also to clarify the relationship between human qi and cancer.

The righteousness of the human body is like a huge protective cover, which resist the virus and bacteria outside to prevent cancer invasion.When the human body is damaged by various factors such as congestion and wet turbid internal stops, the body’s immunity will decrease. Cancer cells take the opportunity to break the barrier, occupy the upper hand, and induce cancer.

Therefore, in the eyes of Professor Qian Bowen, a famous malignant tumor expert in my country, righteousness is the key to preventing cancer. Weaken righteousness will hurt the body and cannot repair cell tissue.

In addition, in addition to qi, astragalus also has the effect of bleeding.With sufficient qi and blood, the body’s resistance can play a normal role, and naturally it can fight the tumor.

In addition to nourishing qi, there are also medicalists who believe that the selenium -rich element in astragalus is the king of anti -cancer element.

Selenium element is a trace element necessary for the human body. Some studies have shown that if the selenium is lacking in long -term food, the risk of cancer may be several times higher.The content of selenium in astragalus is not low. After being taken by the human body, it can play a role in antioxidant, improve the body’s immunity, and help the immune system to identify and eliminate cancer cells.

In addition to significant anti -cancer effects, astragalus also has many other effects, such as lowering blood pressure, blood glucose, antioxidant, improving cardiopulmonary function, promoting body metabolism, and so on.But how to use astragalus?

1. Drink water: Take an appropriate amount of astragalus tablets, put it in boiling water, and cover it with a lid for about 10 minutes.

2. Fry: Take an appropriate amount of astragalus and water, and take it after frying, simple and fast.

3. Compatibility: with Chinese medicinal materials such as red dates, wolfberry, longan, and ginseng, such as astragalus wolfberry and jujube tea, you can make the blood clearly.

4, sparkling wine: Take an appropriate amount of astragalus and liquor into the sparkling container, and drink it after soaking it for a while.

Like all Chinese medicine, astragalus also use taboos:

First of all, astragalus has the effect of promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, so people who are easy to get angry and women in menstrual periods should be used with caution.Otherwise, for people who get angry, they will aggravate symptoms and symptoms such as annoying, dry mouth, and headache.For menstrual women, menstrual blood volume will increase and cause dysmenorrhea.

Secondly, pregnant women should not be eaten.Studies have shown that astragalus contains certain teratogenic factors, and pregnant women with poor constitution will increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, and deformities after consumption.

There are many benefits of astragalus. The effect is amazing, anti -cancer and health care, and the use of medicines and foods is simple and honest.However, it is three poisonous medicines. Before using Astragalus, we must depend on whether we are suitable and do not follow the trend.””” “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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