Is there stretch marks without pregnancy?

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A few stripes on the belly

Worried about stretch marks?

What are you afraid of?

A female friend asked me very anxiously that a horizontal stripes grew on her belly, would she be stretch marks?

Me: Friends, you have never been pregnant, why do you grow stretch marks?

She: But I checked the Internet on the Internet really like stretch marks. I ca n’t wear Bikini in the future, and if people see that people think that I have given birth to a child?


Of course, my friends are not stretch marks.During that time, she lost weight and thin, and many girls had a weight loss pattern similar to her.The stretch marks are due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy and the rapid bulging of the abdomen, the weight gain during pregnancy, etc. The subcutaneous tissue is broken. It is purple and red in the early stage, and then it will turn white.

These knowledge is not upset. What I want to explore today is why they are so afraid of stretch marks?

Am I still attractive?

According to the British Dermatology Magazine, 90%of women are more or less troubled by stretch marks.Studies have shown that stretch marks are relatively high among maternals with high body fat, and maternals with excessive weight gain during pregnancy, which is also related to genes.Although there are causes, there is no strategy to make people truly avoid.

Can stretch marks be prevented?Experienced people may give suggestions such as grinding skin (oil) and drinking plenty of water, but these can not be proven to be completely effective in medicine, but it may play a role in delaying pattern generation from probability.EssenceSo in general, stretch marks are a metaphysics.

This is too easy to cause anxiety in our age that prevails in Body Shaming.Volkswagen media brainwashed everyone and advocated "how can you control your life if you can’t control your body."

The female star showed the vest line in front of the camera one month after giving birth. A few hours after the birth of the princes in the British, the brilliance was unveiled in front of the public. These all made many new mothers mourn for themselves.In a survey of "New Mother’s Five Most Practicing" surveys, the problems related to stretch marks have accounted for two seats -how to prevent and delay it.But I just said that there is no really efficient way.

The fact is that the direction of the body and life is inherently.What is packaged with stretch marks, including the relaxation of the lower abdomen, the drooping of the breast, and the labia may become lighter and darker, and the vagina may be relaxed than before fertility.

Stretch marks

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Most of the changes in the body are uncontrollable or even irreversible.These changes are one of the incentives of such postpartum depression.When the mothers face new identities and life, they also need to face their bodies that leave traces."Beauty is diversity" is difficult to convince a mother. Perhaps people have been able to appreciate different shapes and different eyes, but most people are born to love smooth, firm and vibrant body. ThisAlmost the pursuit of genes in genes.

I have not experienced fertility, and I don’t know if I have a qualification to do such an analogy.What I want to say is that everything we have experienced left a trace of us. Our heart may also have scars but still tough, so our body is actually the same.

For women who choose to have children, accepting themselves far more important than restoring their original appearance.Female athlete Stephanie once exposed her relaxed and pattern photos on the Internet.Her physical fitness before childbirth is better than most women, and after fertility, she also spends full time to train.Her strength has already returned to the past, but the break below the lower abdomen skin has no way to heal -she can’t control the stretch marks, but the stretch marks have not changed everything except her belly.

Athlete Steini

Of course, I know that many women are uneasy about their image in the eyes of their partners: Can TA accept this body that is no longer "perfect"?Am I as sexy as before?

By borrowing the popular answers on Reddit to answer:

"Honestly, as a man, I really don’t care about your stretch marks or other patterns. For me, your confidence is my aphrodisiac. So as long as you don’t mind, I will always enjoy you very much.body of."

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But I’m really scared

Some girls said: But what should I do if I am really scared?

You can not give birth.

This is not a word, but a serious answer: If you really cannot accept stretch marks, and stretch marks are really difficult to avoid, then you can choose improper mothers.

Women’s fertility function was exaggerated at a time.Women’s ability to produce pregnancy should be a talent, but this ability has always been misunderstood as obligations and responsibilities, becoming a burden on women.In ancient times, the man was "seven to seven out", and his wife was infertile to be returned to the moral problem of her maiden -more serious than stealing affection.

Of course, today’s women’s status cannot be the same as in ancient times, but in the issue of fertility, it is a pity that most women have not been able to grasp their own autonomy.

According to the views of the second sex, women must rely on the following two ways to get liberation: the right to self -decision and work for fertility or not.The so -called fertility autonomy, from the perspective of feminism, in addition to the power of raw and the power of immortality, it also includes the power to get rid of the shackles of the family model.

When childbirth is still considered to be the way to "continue the genes from generation to generation", those risks and truths about fertility are rarely inform women, which is almost the entire society’s unconscious behavior.Asian female laughing star, Ali Wong, returned to the stage after giving birth to restore the fertility she experienced to women in the rough but real language.In addition to the changes in the body shape mentioned above, she also needs to face endless secretions, incontinence excretion, painful knife mouth, and fertility, but none of them told her before she gave birth.When many girls on the Internet said that they were "scared today", some people rebuked them to do big questions.

In this environment, fear of pain and death is not enough to become a reason for women to feed, let alone stretch marks.To this day, there are still many women who need to grow under the circumstance where psychological preparation is immature. How can we say that our body belongs to ourselves.

I don’t want to spread the fear of fertility.I think the relationship between benign mother and child (female) is one of the beautiful things in the world.But I still want to say that if you feel that a smooth belly is more important than a child, you don’t need to question yourself. This is completely reasonable and should not be blamed at all. You don’t have to be a mother.

If you don’t have a child, you can be your choice

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You are not pregnant, how can there be stretch marks

Back to my friends of weight loss, I can understand her demand for her physical image. What I can’t understand is that it is so anxious as a "woman who has given birth to a child"?Isn’t this the most harmful and easiest misunderstanding?

What I did not expect was that girls without pregnancy would be so afraid of stretch marks in their imagination.

But I can guess the reason, this is like many adult women who have insisted on Girls’ Day instead of Women’s Day, and insist that there is a gap between girls and women. Once they cross their marriage and fertilityBack.

Perhaps this cannot blame them. Our society has always intentionally or unintentionally promoting such concepts.In the eyes of many people, women must have childbirth, but they "must" lose themselves after giving birth.The model of the model dedicated most of her energy to the family and children, and the ideal point is to keep their bodies and appearance -people call it "hot mom", yes you are very spicy, but your identity is just a motherEssenceOr maybe we praise a mother’s young and beautiful, and we say that she is "not like a child who has given birth."

Search "Mother" in the gallery. There are children in all pictures

But the keywords are not "mothers+children" at all!

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Recently, I watched the American drama "Large Lie". Nicole Kidman gave up her lawyer. She became a housewife for her husband and children for six years. When she missed her career and was excited, she also asked her friends:"I think so badly, is it a evil mother?" Even she felt that as a mother, letting people outside the family see their ability and glory is a sin.

But don’t forget that the glorious glory of pearls is bred from years, loneliness and pain.A pearl will not become a fish in any case -this is simply physically unreasonable.If someone believes that you will lose your glory due to breaking things and fertility, it means that your glory in TA’s eyes is just projected TA’s own desire.

In "Large Lies", what Nicole Kidman said after the old industry said

A society that adult women need to clarify their relationship with their mother are sad.This means that there are only two identities of girls and mothers left.

Behind the girl’s identity is sexual resources, and the mother’s identity is the responsibility of raising.Society puts two baskets in front of the eyes of half, allowing them to bring their different stories, experiences, thoughts, and ambitions to one of them.If you don’t take the initiative to classify yourself, you seem to be a strange category.

Fortunately, women’s consciousness is gradually awakening, and more and more women are willing to stand outside the basket to be a woman who is not defined and restricted.But I still hope that when they are standing outside the basket, there is no need to have their own "heterogeneous". I hope that these two baskets do not exist at all.Everywhere.

When you are divided by the vision of a patriarchal society, what is the unbearable by a girl who is misunderstood to become a mother?

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