Is these symptoms normal after test tube transplantation?

After years of development and breakthroughs in IVF, it has been welcomed by many people. Because of the pollution of the environment and the different times, there are more and more infertile families. ThereforeMore and more.

There are many IV women who start to have a series of symptoms after transplantation. So is these symptoms normal? Today, let’s take a look at the symptoms such as bleeding, abdominal pain, and menstrual sensation after test tube transplantation.Essence

After the embryo is transplanted, the vaginal bleeding does not need to be tension. It may be caused by cervical erosion. In most cases, after the cervical erosion surface is touched during the transplantation process, a small amount of bleeding occurs in the vagina, or a small amount of bleeding after the cervical mucosa is slightly stimulated during the transplantation.

Bleeding after transplantation does not have to be too nervous or anxious. This symptom is normal. Pay more attention to rest and avoid exhausting bleeding.If bleeding exceeds 1 week, then you need to go to the hospital for relevant diagnosis as soon as possible to eliminate other problems and avoid affecting the embryo bed.

Brown discharge and a small amount of bleeding occur after transplantation. There may be the following four cases in this situation:

1. It may be the mild damage caused by the transplantation tube to the cervix in the process of transplantation the previous day, resulting in a small amount of bleeding;

2. It may also be due to the transplanted blastocyl, a small amount of bleeding appears in the embryo after transplantation;

3. It may also be a temporary estrogen hormone change, leading to endocrine disorders;

4, or due to cervicitis, cervical erosion, vaginitis, polyps, etc., a small amount of brown discharge occurs.

If it is only a small amount of bleeding and no abdominal pain, the patient does not need to worry too much. It may disappear after a few days, so you can observe temporarily without special treatment.If the bleeding continues and the amount of bleeding is large, then you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid affecting the embryo bed.

It is normal for test tube infants to be painful after transplantation. Most of them are related to the following two situations:

1. Mild abdominal pain: Sometimes like a needle tie, it may be caused by the patient’s high spiritual tension, which can transfer attention and relax.

2. Suddenly severe abdominal pain: In this case, pay attention to it. It is recommended to see it in time to exclude whether the ovaries are incarcerated or reversed.

On the third day after test tube transplantation, it has a sense of menstruation, which is mainly related to the following factors:

1. After the embryo is transplanted, it is necessary to bed in the uterine cavity, so at this time, it is prone to manifestations of abdominal pain and many vaginal secretions. Pay more attention to rest.

2. After the test tube transplantation, the embryo starts to bed, and then grows up. The uterus is stimulated, which will cause contractions, which will cause back pain and abdominal pain and menstrual sensation.

3. Some scholars say that there is a sense of menstruation after test tube transplantation. This belongs to a series of symptoms caused by the stimulation of the uterus. In order to avoid causing a threatened abortion or the possibility of success without bed.

After women are transplanted, they can usually go to bed in about 3-7 days, but some patients will have a late bed. Therefore, in order to check the results of the examination, doctors usually recommend that they are transplanted for 14 days before checking HCG.This test results are more accurate.

In this process, it may be due to embryonic development, or changes in women’s endocrine, and the use of exogenous progesterone drugs, causing women to cause basic body temperature or decline.This is normal, but if the body temperature is too high, it needs to be paid attention to, which may be caused by a cold or some rejection reactions.

After the embryo transplantation, the basal body temperature is slightly rising and the decline is normal. This means that the embryo may be imposed, but it is not ruled out that it is caused by a cold or other reasons. Whether the specific pregnancy is based on the test results.

The above is an introduction to a series of symptoms after test tube transplantation. I hope to help everyone.If the above symptoms are normal after transplantation, most of them are caused by changes in hormones in the body, so don’t worry too much, pay more attention to rest, just calm the mentality.


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