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Text | Dr. Li Zhixing talks about childcare

When it comes to having boys and women, I believe that many Baoma has the right to speak. Various summaries, pregnancy characteristics during pregnancy, data summary data, comparison of morning urine color, judgment of the shape of the belly, etc. can be seen that boys and girls can be seen.More Baoma asked the doctor to ask the doctor to ask the doctor to answer various analysis to the doctor. In short, the most crazy thing was the woman during pregnancy.

The heavy male light and female, like a tumor, gave birth to a generation in the hearts of several generations. It seems that they can’t raise their heads without having a boy. There are seven flowers in some areas. The last one is a younger brother.The Lord, this phenomenon has generally occurred in many areas. With the development of technology, some people say that boys and women can be controlled.There are many people who are very convinced in Jianghu Lang.In order to give birth to a son, is it really a feasible idea of taking Chinese medicine conditioning?

Eating Chinese medicine to condition is more expensive, the whole family is chaotic into a pot of porridge

Xiao Ai has been unhappy all day since she is pregnant, because her in -laws think she can regenerate her son, and she has been seeking a good recipe during pregnancy.Finally, when she was pregnant, the whole family was waiting for the birth of the child. She was happy and happy in October in October, and she could only drink medicine daily, more like a patient.For this reason, she quarreled with her husband three times and five times, but the theory of her in -laws was eventually lost to the constraints of morality. During pregnancy syndrome, plus postpartum syndrome, Xiao Ai was diagnosed with moderate depression.Without breast milk, watching the child is waiting to be fed, but Bao Ma rushed to the hospital for treatment. No one would expect such a consequence.

Seeing that there are definitely many people thinking about why the birth of a child is so complicated. The reason why children call the crystallization of love are mainly due to the cause of each other in love.Seeking to satisfy your desire, doing what you can let it go is like doing specimen experiments, which has changed in essence. In addition, whether the pregnant mother is willing to try this kind of attempt, it takes communication.It is the greatest harm to human nature.Therefore, taking medicine and conditioning to have a boy, this approach really does not agree.

Clever rejection is also a technology

Of course, there will still be a large number of female friends in life that will encounter such a situation. How can they do not be forced to take medicine and regulate, and will not offend their families?We can soothe from these points and refuse them euphemistically.

1. Using scientific facts to defeat superstition

In fact, the old man wants a boy, and we can also think about it. They may also be deceived by others to have this move. The heart is not bad; everyone can collect the authoritative explanations made by major platforms on the Internet.Eating traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the sex of the fetus is actually deceiving. There is no scientific basis at all. Then I find the case beside me. At the end of the Chinese medicine, they still gave birth to a girl.You have fate; after all, it is three points of poisonous medicine. Do n’t eat badly in the end. Even the fertility is basically gone, and there is no long -term plan; or if you are lucky to conceive your baby, the drug is residual in the body.For children’s growth and development, it will definitely affect; when it comes to the health of the grandson, the old man may shake.

2. Sugar -coated artillery shells to appease family

Why do you need to need a sugar -coated artillery? Old children, that is, the old man is older, but it is just like a child. As long as they coax them, it is actually very easy to cope. Especially on the basis of having children, if the elderly say they want to want to want to wantTo have a boy with a traditional Chinese medicine, we can praise them first, say what they think about them everywhere, and satisfy their sense of needs. Generally, as long as you get your mother -in -law, others are also a woman.Didn’t you eat anything, so I believe that her genes must be good. People need to praise. You can promise to look at the fate first. When the end is not recruited, it can be said that there is still a chance for the second child.I can accept it in my heart, and solve the problem of urgent urgency.

3. By the way, it is a blessing

This may be the cooperation of her husband. The decisiveness of giving birth to boys and women is on the man. Instead, they force the woman to bear such a burden.You can communicate with your husband well. In the fertility, the two sides insist on letting go of them naturally, and list the powerful relationships in the middle to the elders, and then talk about some Buddhist words.Believe in these, women are blessed, men are expensive, and men and women follow their nature. As long as they can come to the house, they are all blessed to the family. Do not try to change the original cause and effect.Blessings.

There is a result of everything. The reason why so many people believe in this is because some people have given birth to the big fat boy through traditional Chinese medicine, and how do they look at this result?

Eat Chinese medicine and give birth to a son, save a family

The relatives of the neighboring village have been married for 5 years, and the couple still have no children. This makes the elderly in the family like an ant in a hot pot.This makes the relationship between the husband and wife become bigger and more nervous, but the child is not able to complete it alone. The pressure of the mother -in -law, and the husband can’t carry it.It is said that old Chinese medicine can regulate the secret recipe of boys and women. Of course, they also have the most hopeful hope, and do not pray for having a boy. As long as there is a child, no matter whether it is a man and a woman, it is good to be healthy.Good news was really heard. They were distressed for several years. After taking Chinese medicine, they were pregnant. This really made the whole family happy; they never asked for boys, but only a healthy child who had a healthy child.During childbirth, luck is still coming. It was a big fat boy born, so that relatives and friends were surprised, so they asked the reason, and the mother -in -law was immersed in excitement.And the understanding of several people is biased …

Many words have been added to oil and vinegar, and they are God’s gods. They are used as the basis for eating Chinese medicine to have a boy. In fact, the process in the middle is only known to themselves, and the parties are unwilling to explain too much.The misunderstanding has triggered the idea of many people.

Reasonable fertility, follow the laws of nature

Of course, are you saying that taking Chinese medicine and having a boy, right?Yes, but not absolute, after all, according to Chinese medicine,

Using traditional Chinese medicine recipes to regulate women’s constitution, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, women are prone to giving birth to girls for cold constitutions, and those with cold constitutions are more likely to have girls.Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to conditioning, and human constitution can also be adjusted through Chinese medicine.Therefore, some people believe that the female constitution can be "adjusted" into alkaline constitution by taking some Chinese herbal medicine formulas to help give birth to a boy.We are profound in traditional Chinese medicine. Although some drugs can play a good role in supporting female friends, I have not seen the credible records that can help give birth to boys; so don’t blindly convince and unscientific speech on non -scientific remarksEssence

In some small places, some of the bad rivers and lakes are promoted to take medicine to have a boy. If the full paragraph is invalid, boys and girls are roughly prescribed in medicine.In fact, there are only some nutritional effects. Friends should not be fooled easily.

As a medical worker, I am really glad that this thing has not happened to my relatives. If it really happens to my own body, my position is very resolutely opposed to having a boy by taking Chinese medicine.It’s not for others, simply for our majority of female friends; the birth of a child is originally a great thing for female friends. Mothers need a great courage to dare to face it.When the family is determined to be brave to ask for a child, the people around you suddenly said that when you show you a Chinese medicine medicine, when you are full of joy and thinking about conditioning for you, they say that they are to have a boy. How desperate is now; this situation is likely to be very likelyIt happens to any pregnant mother, we must be brave to learn to protect ourselves and protect our children!

Bao Ma’s attitude determines the future destiny of the child

First of all, as the mother of the child, you must pay attention to the existence of your child, do not have the thoughts of male and young and girls. Only your attitude is determined. It is a good start for babies who are about to be born. If the child lives in a healthy environmentThen his future development will also be promising, and life is also beautiful; on the contrary, if the child is born in an unfair treatment in a family of a heavy male and female, then the shape of his personality and personality will beIt has a great influence, and even has distorted values after adulthood; just like the role of Su Mingyu in the TV series "All Good", the mother is the child’s best lighthouse to indicate the direction of the movement for the child.

To sum up, there are so many above. Let’s assume that if everyone has realized the desire to give birth to a boy through medical means, then our world is not all boys. Without girls, what is the last destiny of many boys?After thinking about it all, the proportion of men and women has been disordered. The artificial manufacturing of tens of millions of single Chinese. If it is still a blind woman, then the consequences of serious disorders will be caused;It is necessary to break the laws of nature and destroy the balance of nature, so the last bitter fruit is only human.

Marriage and having children are the most natural things. Children are the best gifts given to us by God. Whether men or women are the only relatives, they are the best gifts for us.Don’t force it all the time, cherish life of life, love marriage, treating children is the best happiness!

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