It is "replenishing sacred grass", promoting blood circulation, nourishing blood, skin care and beauty ~ But these people are not suitable ~

When it comes to motherwort, many female friends should be familiar with it. It is a gynecological "replenishment of sacred grass" and can adjust the blood of the manager, but many people do not know that motherwort still has other uses.It is very beneficial.


Angelica mother eggs, regulate the manager blood

Motherwort, "Materia Medica" records it is a "blood family medicine", which can "take blood without sad blood, nourish blood without congestion", promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, suitable for women’s menstrual conditioning.

Professor Dong Ling of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends a very classic medicated diet in the show -Angelica Yiyu Egg.

Ingredients: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of motherwort, 2 eggs.

Method: Similar to making tea eggs, the taste of motherwort and angelica, stew the taste of the medicine, remove the cooked eggs shell, use a needle to get a few holes, put it in the soup for 3-5 minutes, and eat eggs and soup.

This medicated diet is particularly suitable for women with irregular menstruation and abdominal pain during menstruation, and it is also suitable for postpartum supplementary nourishment; it is also suitable for women who have been amenorrhea after menopause, because women at this stage often have the problem of lack of kidney qi.The effect of qi and blood, nourishing kidney essence deficiency.

Not only women, but also male friends who have been healed in the post -disease and early illness are also suitable for eating asbine and beneficial female eggs to nourish qi and blood.


Sancao control tea

Motherwort can turn blood stasis. For people with strong liver fire and heavy stasis, the effect of stabilizing blood pressure is good.

△ The manifestation of heavy stasis: headaches such as thorns, painfulness, chest tightness and palpitations, numbness of hands and feet, especially at night, and dark tongue.

At this time, it is time for motherwort to play a role. You can try the family conditioning and controlling tea prescription of the home conditioning and controlling the tea prescription of the famous Chinese medicine medicine.

【Sancao Control Tea】

Methods: 5 grams of princes, 5 grams of motherwort, 6 grams of raw Laizi, and 5 grams of Robbe.

Prawal pressure regulation is suitable for people with strong liver fire and insomnia. It is manifested as anxiety, bitter mouth, dizziness, tinnitus, irritability, yellow red red, and dry stool.


Herbal pretty skin, beauty and beauty

Motherwort can nourish blood and promotes blood circulation, which helps to maintain the skin and beauty and beauty. Many skin formulas contain motherwort ingredients.

As early as "New Tang Book", it is recorded that Wu Zetian "Although the spring and autumn are high, they are good at Tu Ze, so that the left and right will not realize their decline."Five -year -old woman is like a girl. "The main medicinal materials used by Wu Zetian are motherwort.

Health experts have also taught everyone to make a herbal skin mask on the show:

Method: Western ginseng powder, motherwort powder, Sanqi powder, Poria powder, aloe powder with egg white or honey (can also add water or milk) stir into paste, apply it to the face evenlyEssence

Western ginseng benefits qi and yin, light -colored freckle, motherwort, three -seven promoted blood blood stasis, bright skin color, Poria, aloe vera, removing dampness and detoxification, moisturizing skin.

Benefits: This skin care party can not only whiten and nourish the face, but also help alleviate many symptoms of skin diseases, such as melasma, dark degeneration, hormone dermatitis, acne, pigmentation, dull skin yellow, etc.


① Those who are damaged and skin -sensitive to the skin are used with caution;

② The matrix of the mask, such as milk, honey, egg white, etc., be careful of allergies. Before use, do test on the back of the hand or ear before using it to confirm that it is not allergic and then on the face.


Although Motherwort is good, this kind of population is not applicable

① Woman with a large amount of menstrual periods to avoid causing too much menstrual flow and causing symptoms of anemia.

② Pregnant women use cautiously, motherwort to promote blood, easy to move fetal qi.

③ People with less yin deficiency and blood deficiency and no stasis should not be used.Yin deficiency constitution has always been less blood, and the role of beneficiated with the activating blood and blood stasis of the motherwort can not only be treated, but also aggravate blood deficiency.

④ People with cold constitution should not be eaten.Boycort is cold, and it will increase the coldness of the body after consumption.Therefore, children and women with cold constitution should not be taken as much as possible, which will affect digestive function, and women’s cold can also affect fertility.

(I am a big doctor official)

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