It is not 7 reasons for pregnancy but delayed menstruation

The topic that Kos Mom wanted to talk today is: The abnormal menstrual cycle does not always mean that you are pregnant!When menstruation is delayed, you often have this idea: Am I pregnant?

But pregnancy is not the only reason for menstruation.Common causes of menstruation also include hormonal education, hormone -related health, stress and siege period.

Therefore, before you run to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick, please read the seven things that may cause you to delay your menstruation when you are not pregnant.

1. contraceptive measures

Hemmers can cause late stage.For example, in-palaces and DEPO-PROVERA injection may cause irregular menstruation or "advanced".In addition, if you are taking contraceptives and not taking non -active pills (after taking will cause retreat bleeding), you will miss the normal bleeding time.

Although people usually think that contraceptives can "regulate" your menstrual period, the bleeding experienced in the week of discontinuation of contraceptives is retreat bleeding, not the real menstrual period.That’s because hormone contraceptives like contraceptives effectively surpass the natural hormonal cycle of your body.

Therefore, when you continue to take the active pills over the usual 21 days, the endometrium will remain stable.This means that the endometrium will not fall off, and you will not bleed.

No contraceptive pills can effectively prevent pregnancy 100%, so if you do not have menstruation as scheduled, you may need to conduct pregnancy tests to prevent it.

Patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may have amenorrhea.This is because people with PCOS are usually extra follicles, making the menstrual cycle longer.In the typical menstrual cycle, each ovary develops about five follicles.These follicle competitions have become the main follicles that release mature eggs during ovulation.When you have PCOS, your eggs may be delayed.No discharge means no menstruation.

Other common PCOS symptoms include weight gain and increase of male hormones and testosterone levels, which will lead to dense hair on the face and chest ministers.But even without these symptoms, PCOS cannot be ruled out.pressure

Emotional distress will affect the brain area of the brain’s pituitary gland, and the hypothyroidism regulates hormones that stimulate our ovaries.Everyone experienced different pressures, so its impact on the menstrual cycle is very subjective.Weight fluctuation

Decreased weight or increase may be another reason for late scriptures.Severe weight loss and anorexia can prevent the mill brain from producing follicular stimulatory (FSH) and luteinin (LH) that regulate ovary, and the weight gain will also produce similar effects, mainly when it is related to diseases such as PCOS.People with PCOS may be particularly sensitive to weight gain and reduction.As long as the weight is reduced by 10%, you can re -enter the cycle.Siege

Before the menopause, a transition period will be experienced.This period of time is usually in their 40s, and some people’s menstrual cycle will be delayed.Menstruation may be 36 or 48 days, not an average of 28 days.Pituitary tumor

Although this situation is rare and unlikely, sometimes prolactinoma (a pituitary tumor that secretes excessive prolactin can emit a breast milk secretion signal) is the culprit that leads to late menstruation.Even without breastfeeding, people who still have irregular menstruation, headache, blurred vision, and breast secretions need to check if they have such tumors.Diabetes and thyroid diseases

Thyroid disease can cause problems during menstruation because thyroid hormones help control your menstrual cycle.Hypothyroidism imbalance can cause irregular menstruation.

Use your mother’s heart to do a good job.Cosmama is looking forward to the next part to continue to share with you for childcare science and health knowledge.

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