It is not easy to get pregnant in October. What is the urine test for each birth check?The truth is here

Why do urine tests need to be used for each birth check?The truth is …

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2019-12-25 08:54:59

From knowing that you are pregnant and your baby is born, you have to go through dozens of inspections.Several inspections must be performed at each regular check -up, and each time there are urine tests and fetal hearts.Listening to fetal heart can be understood, as long as the baby’s fetal heart rate is between 120-160, it means that the baby is normal.What about urine tests?

Urine examination is a medical test method.Popularly speaking of urine tests is to test urine routines., Tube type, bacteria in urine, and whether there are molds.

The urine test is routine, and many indicators can be detected. In these indicators, if there are red blood cells or white blood cells, it indicates that there are urinary infections, and they need to be treated in time to control the condition.Diabetes should be controlled in time to control the intake of sugar to avoid fetal malformations; if there is protein, it is possible that pregnant women have high blood pressure, kidney problems, and can easily lead to eclampsia.

Pregnant women may change every month during pregnancy. At this time, if some indicators in the urine test suddenly rise or decreased a lot, they can be found and solved early, so the urine test must be verified every time.

The urine is usually left in the urine during the urine test. The test is more accurate. The urine is pale yellow or orange. Drinking more water is clear. The urine ratio is densely determined from 1.003 to 1.035. Then you can see the urine protein and glucose.There are ketone bodies, bilirubin -negative, and normal indicators. Whether there are cells or crystalline bacteria in the urine. If these tests are qualified, then there is no need to worry, then there is no problem with urine.

Most people check the urine in an empty stomach, and pregnant women are more special and do not need to be empty and morning urine.

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