It ’s not the way, I know the baby’ s gender method, the third one is very accurate

When many Baoma babies are not born, they want to know that the baby is male or female. Is there a way to know whether it is a boy or a girl at an early date after pregnancy?With the development of science, there are several ways to predict the gender of the fetus:

First, in the 3rd to April of pregnancy, a small amount of amniotic fluid was extracted from the amniovis cavity of the pregnant woman’s uterus through the lower abdomen, and then placed under the microscope to observe the X and Y chromosomes in the nucleus in the nucleus. When the X chromosome appears above 10 %, that is, that is,It can be predicted as a female fetus. When the Y chromosome reaches 20 % to 25 %, it can be diagnosed as a male fetus.

Secondly, about 70 days of pregnancy, take a little secretion from the uterus or cervix by the vagina, and make the coating, and use a microscope to observe the "sex chromosome" of the fetal cells to determine whether the fetus is male or female.

Third, the gender of the fetus from a drop of blood from a pregnant woman. This method has been used at home and abroad in recent years, and has achieved satisfactory results.Compared with other methods of predicting fetal gender, this method is simple, complete, and accurate. From one and a half months of pregnancy, it can be performed before childbirth.

Fourth, predicting the amniotic pest method is one of the methods.At about 16 weeks of pregnancy, do the amniotic permethyst pests, extract amniotic fluid for special cultivation. After examination, when the sex chromosome is paired, the fetus is a woman. If the xy pairing, the fetus is male.For other chromosome diseases, as long as effective measures are taken in time, the purpose of eugenics can also be achieved.

Fifth, diagnosis of type B ultrasonic, not only can you detect the gender of the fetus, but also you can see if the fetus has small head deformed, meninge vertex, cerebral water, and other diseases that have severe obstacles to intellectual development. At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, at the same timeYou can also check whether you are double -fetch, multi -fetal, hydatidal and ectopic pregnancy.This is a method of examination method that does not damage the fetus, and pregnant women are not painful.

Sixth, check the chromosomal X or Y chromosomes of chorus cells, can also predict the gender early, with an accuracy rate of more than 90 %.

Seventh, the accuracy rate is also more than 90 % through the blood or urine examination of pregnant women. The occurrence rate of Y chromosomes in the blood is more than 1 % of the male fetus and less than 1 % of the female fetus.The "immune diffusion method" of urine can also predict the accuracy of the fetal sex at an early prediction of 90 %.

Eighth, when the fetal external genitals can be distinguished, they can be directly observed with a fetal mirror, and the gender of the fetus can also be judged.

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