It turns out that the thigh pain during pregnancy is because of this

In the middle and late pregnancy, many expectant mothers will encounter the problem of leg cramps, and muscle spasm and pain will suddenly occur in calf or thighs.So, how should expectant mothers deal with such sudden and annoying leg cramps in the second and third trimester?

[Let’s first understand the cause of leg cramps during pregnancy]

▲ Calcium deficiency: In the middle and third trimester, the baby’s teeth and bone calcification accelerate, and the demand for calcium is greatly increased. At this time, if the intake of calcium in expectant mothers is insufficient, the problem of leg cramps will occur.As we know, the calcium required for the growth of fetal skeletal relying on the pregnant mother.Calcium is an important factor in regulating muscle contraction cells. Low calcium will increase the excitement of neuromuscular muscles, cause muscle contraction, and then cramps.Because the level of blood calcium at night is often lower than the day, the cramps are mostly on the night.

▲ Increased abdominal pressure during pregnancy: This will cause the quasi mother’s poor blood circulation, and it will also cause the problem of leg cramps.

Too much or standing for too long during pregnancy, the burden on leg muscles increases, leading to the accumulation of local acid metabolites, which can cause muscle spasm.However, don’t think that the more you sleep, the better.Sleeping too long will cause blood circulation to slow down, make metabolic waste accumulation such as carbon dioxide, and may also induce muscle spasm.

▲ Cold factors, such as the low room temperature in winter, the quilt covered during sleep is too thin or the legs and feet are exposed to the quilt;Poor cycle is also the cause of cramps.

[Method of relieving leg cramps during pregnancy]

》 Soaking your feet with ginger water can not only relieve fatigue, but also promote blood circulation, which is effective for relieving leg cramps.

"If you use a warm towel to apply the calf, it can expand blood vessels and reduce cramps.[How to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy]

▲ Do not be too large for the amount and movement of expectant mothers during pregnancy. You must warm up before the event, and you should relax after the event. Do not deal with it casually.

▲ You cannot choose a place where the venue can be used. It is best to have a railing of the hand, or the stools or chairs that can be sitting at any time to prevent sudden leg cramps and falling.

▲ Adjust your sleeping position while sleeping, and use the most comfortable side lying position.

▲ Be careful not to stretch your feet too straight when you stretch your waist.

▲ Pay attention to the warmth of the lower limbs.

▲ Don’t let your leg muscles too tired, don’t wear high heels.Preserve your legs before bedtime.

▲ From the fifth month of pregnancy, it is necessary to increase the intake of calcium, about 300 mg per day.

【Kind tips】

In addition, some of the following measures can help pregnant women reduce cramps: avoid walking too much or standing too long to reduce the burden on leg muscles.Keep your lower limbs warm when you sleep, and don’t let your calves get cold.During the rest, raise your feet slightly and stretch your toes upwards to relax the muscles of the calf and reduce swelling.Frequent muscle massage, especially the muscles on the legs and feet to improve blood circulation.Before going to bed at night, you can soak your feet warmly for ten minutes, which can not only prevent cramps, but also help sleep.

If the cramps have already occurred, you can get out of bed with your foot, or lie down to make the heels against the wall to help stretch the calf and reduce the symptoms.It is reminded that pregnant women friends should not only use the calf cramps as indicators to supplement calcium. Some expectant mothers have a good tolerance for calcium deficiency. They may be seriously deficient in calcium, but there will be no cramps.

If you encounter leg cramps during the activity, don’t panic, try to keep calm as much as possible, grab the things that can be attached in time, and slowly take two steps forward to relax your muscles.Or sit on the chair and gently rub the calf with your arms on the same side.

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