Itchy skin is coming to get pregnant mothers to get it

Many women become very sensitive in both physiological and psychological after pregnancy, as well as skin, so they must pay great attention to their care.Many women will become very bad after pregnancy, and it is easy to cause itching and other conditions.In normal times, we can use some skin care products or ointment to treat it without scruples, but during pregnancy, these skin care products and ointments cannot be used casually.So, what should pregnant mothers do in the case of this situation?

Why does itchy symptoms occur

1. Allergies

Some women are allergic to some drugs and cosmetics used after pregnancy, leading to short -term itching symptoms.Some foods can also cause pregnant mothers to be allergic, so the family should pay special attention to the diet of pregnant women.

2. Seasonal changes

After pregnancy, after pregnancy, their physique and their own immunity will decline, and there will also be some uncomfortable symptoms on the sudden change in the season.Generally speaking, there are more pregnant mothers in winter and summer.Because in winter, the weather is dry, which can easily cause eczema or fatty eczema, which will cause itching of the skin.In summer, the weather is hot, and pregnant women are prone to sweating, and skin problems such as eczema or skin folliculitis will occur.

3. Abnormal blood sugar or bile acid

Some pregnant mothers have a lot of itching skin, and they can’t sleep at night in severe cases.In this case, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital to check blood sugar or bile acid in time to prevent pregnancy from combined with bile stasis syndrome and diabetes.

How to care for the skin

1. Pay attention to maintenance

During pregnancy, the skin care of pregnant mothers cannot fall.Usually moisturizing products cannot contain alcohol, flavors and other substances.It is best not to mix skin care products. The choice of skin care products should also be refreshing and not too greasy.

2. Control the diet

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to their diet, not only for their skin, but also the fetal health is very closely related to the diet.

3. Appropriate living environment

The environment is also very important for pregnant women. Pregnant women usually go to the densely populated place, and there must be less places with more flowers to prevent pregnant women from being allergic to pollen or biting by flyworms.The living environment should also be kept clean. At least twice a day, the quilt should be taken out and sunburn, and the bed cover quilt should be cleaned frequently.

4. Learn to control emotions

During pregnancy, avoid irritability, nervousness and other emotions.

5. Pay attention to hygiene

Bathing diligently, changing clothes frequently, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.If itching has appeared, avoid washing with water with too high temperature when taking a bath to prevent the infection.Don’t catch it with your hands, this will be easy to infection and leave scars.

6. Choose pure cotton in clothes

Make -based clothes will increase the degree of itching of the skin, it is best to choose cotton clothes.

7. Seek medical treatment in time

If you use safe drugs, you must seek medical treatment in time without seeing it.

The above is the main point of nursing the skin of pregnant women. Do you know about pregnant mothers?

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