It’s all tea. What is the difference between drinking black tea and green tea in summer?Expert: The difference is very big, understand and drink

Tea is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. For thousands of years, people have been intoxicated in the fragrance of cups and worshiped them as national drinks.

Drinking tea now has become an indispensable part of our lives. Especially in the hot summer of the sun, everyone likes to drink a cup of tea to relieve summer heat.

The six major tea in China, of which everyone drinks the two categories: green tea and black tea. They are also two types of tea with more output in my country.Every summer, the sales of these two types of tea are very high. Everyone also likes to choose to drink tea in summer to dispel heat.

However, the problem of drinking black tea or drinking green tea in summer has always been quite controversial.

Some experts said: Everyone’s physical condition is different. When we drink tea in the summer, we must pay attention to distinguishment. People of different constitutions drink black tea and green tea. We must understand and drink.

black tea:

Black tea is a gentle drink. Many people think that drinking is more appropriate in winter. In fact, it is also possible to drink in summer.Although it is said that the summer is hot and the refreshing tea is more appropriate, if it is a person with a bad stomach, it is better to drink black tea. While relieving the heat, it can also nourish the stomach.Especially when people who are older drinking black tea are better for their bodies.

But if you are a hot person, it is not recommended to drink more.

green tea:

Green tea is the most consumed tea in my country. There are also a lot of varieties. Most people are the first choice for drinking tea in summer.

Because the summer is hot, the green tea is cold, and the green tea mouth feels fresh. It is appropriate to drink in the hot summer. It can not only relieve the heat, but also mention it.But for middle -aged and elderly people with poor stomach or cold body, they cannot drink more.

Although there are many benefits to drinking tea in summer.But at this time, we must pay special attention when choosing tea, we must not drink randomly.Whether you buy it for yourself or your family, you must consider your physical condition comprehensive, especially for the elderly people who are older.But there are too many black tea and green tea products on the market. If you do n’t know what tea drinking, the red and green below, everyone can be used as a reference.drink.

Fengming Maojian

This is a Maojian Green Tea produced in Sichuan Province. The main producing area is in Takayama Tea Garden in Yibin City. The tea leaves are natural and no added, and they are more assured of drinking.And the price of this tea is not high, it is very suitable for drinking tea in summer.

The tea tree of this tea grows in alpine tea gardens above 800 meters above sea level, far from the pollution of the city, and the tea tree grows healthier.On the mountain, the air is moist, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the tea tree grows slowly, so it can accumulate more nutrients.

The production of Fengming Maojian is still the national intangible cultural heritage technology. The finished tea leaves retain the freshest fragrance of fresh leaves, and the taste of tea leaves is more fresh and moist.

The shape of the tea is slender, the barrier is tight, and the tea is revealed. When you open the packaging, you can smell the fragrance of fragrance, which is very comfortable. After brewing, the tea aroma is more layered. In addition to the flower fragrance, there is more than the floral fragrance.A strong chestnut fragrance will make people want to drink a bite as soon as possible. The color of the tea soup is green, clear and impurities; when the tea soup is entrance, the sweet tea soup flows like Qingquan in the mouth, moisturizing and not locking the throat.

Lapsang Souchong

This is a famous black tea, which is very suitable for people who have a bad stomach in the summer and want to relieve the heat.

The small species of Zhengshan is the earliest black tea in the world. It has a history of more than 400 years and is produced in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province.The average local altitude of Wuyishan exceeds more than kilometers, so the tea produced here has obvious alpine tea rhyme.There is another unique aroma in the tea.

From the perspective of appearance, the small species of Zhengshan are fat and heavy, and the color is dark and light; after brewing, the aroma is strong, the soup is orange and yellow, instead of the tea soup red and dark, with a pine smoke fragrance;In addition to fragrant, the key is fresh and sweet, and the return is obvious, and the taste is very wonderful!

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