It’s hard to sleep all night, always sweating, flat liver and spleen "tonic winter"

Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Qingqing Correspondent Shen Zhong

Aunt Gao, 68 years old, insomnia for 20 years

Aunt Gao is 68 years old, but has been troubled by insomnia for more than 20 years. It is difficult to sleep every day. All kinds of Chinese and Western doctors have to help sleep pills. The effect is good and bad, making Aunt Gao very painful.Recall that all this starts at the menopausal period after retirement. It is often weak with backache, fear of cold knees, and occasionally dizzy.From the beginning to lying down for one or two hours, I can sleep, and I can only sleep for one or two hours all night.Others were refreshing after the lunch break, but Aunt Gao was sweaty and felt exhausted.In recent days, because of some trivial troubles in the family, Aunt Gao got up every morning and felt that it was difficult to bear in his mouth. Her eyes were dry and painful, afraid of cold, and knee weakness.I heard that Uncle De of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was good at treating miscellaneous diseases, so he came to Uncle De Clinic for help.

Uncle De solution to the linked liver and kidney deficiency, and the weakness cannot be wet

Uncle De believes that Aunt Gao ’s daily hard work and did not perceive some small signals sent by the body in time. As he ages, liver and kidney gradually lose deficiency, yin damage and yang, yin and yang deficiency, the waist and knees are soft, the lower limbs are cold and cold.Symptoms.If the yang is insufficient, the wet evil is easy to stop in the limbs meridians. Dirty and chest tightness symptoms occur without rising Qingyang.Qi deficiency cannot be solidified, sweating and gas consumption, forming a vicious cycle, resulting in insufficient qi yin, no yin to yin, a little fluctuating emotions can easily lead to yang hyperthyroidism, and symptoms of bitterness, dry eyes, and eye pain.In terms of treatment, Dushu Ping liver and the gods soothe the spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, and to nourish the qi and nourish yin.Two weeks after taking Chinese medicine, Aunt Gao’s hard time to sleep was obviously relieved and did not dizzy again.

Preventing health care ingeniously "tonic", sleep peacefully

There are more and more middle -aged and elderly people such as Aunt Gao.Uncle De reminded that improper "nourishing winter" may cause discomfort.If some people have a bad spleen and stomach, they will not be supplemented. At this time, the "make up for winter" must be gradually advanced, and it will match the spleen’s atractylodes, Chenpi, Codonopsis, yam and other medicinal materials.But don’t be too afraid of "tonic winter", as long as the general direction is suitable for your physique, you can try boldly.For example, it is suitable for eating lamb and beef in winter, but some people have difficulty digestion after eating, abdominal distension and throat discomfort, you can drink some black malt water to disappear;Moisturize.In terms of medicated diet, Morinda, Cistanche, Angelica, Huang Jing, Codonopsis, Five -Finger Maotao, Chenpi, Atractylodes, and God can be entered.You can also use moxibustion and waist to benefit the temperature of the temperature in the temperature, so that the yang qi is filled, and the symptoms of physical pain, numbness, and fear of cold occur.Before going to bed, you can also use 30 grams of wormwood leaves, 20 grams of Guizhi, cook for about 30 minutes, soak your feet before going to bed, and let go of the cold and calm the cold.

Uncle De Health Medicine Fang San Shen Nu Dong Decoction

Materials: half chicken, 150 grams of lean meat, 15 grams of bergamot, 15 grams of gods, 20 grams of wolfberry, 3-5 slices of ginger, moderate salt.

Efficacy: nourish the liver and relieve liver.

Cooking method: Wash all the objects, cut the chicken and lean meat, put it in boiling water and simmer in water; put the above ingredients into the pot, add about 1750 ml of water, change the text for 1.5 hours after the Wuhuo boil, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, put it in an appropriate amount of refined saltJust season, this is 2-3 people.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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