It’s not wrong to drink, but do you know what harm is drinking?

“Family Health Guardians”. Since ancient times, some scholars have drinked alcohol. After drinking, they also have many masterpieces that have passed on the ages after drinking.

Now, there are some wine culture. There are also many persuasion words on the wine table.Facial health, etc. These are just saying. In fact, there are many harm to drinking. Do you know which harms?Mainly the following hazards.

Alcoholic men drink on the bed

First, drink alcohol and hurt the stomach

The wine contains ethanol, which is alcohol, which has a clear stimulation effect on the gastrointestinal tract. When it enters the gastrointestinal and intestines, it will cause direct damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa.Refers to intestinal ulcers, ulcerative colitis, etc., so drinking and hurting the stomach and stomach cannot be ignored.

Second, drink alcohol to hurt the liver

After absorbing alcohol in the gastrointestinal and intestines, it needs to be metabolized in the liver. The liver itself has a detoxification effect.Copylase and bilirubin are higher. In severe cases, they cause fatty liver, alcohol hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and ascites, so they must be alert to the damage to the liver.

Third, the central nervous system

Alcohol can cause harmful stimulation to the central nervous system, reduce the excitement of the cerebral cortex, slow down or be suppressed, and more likely to cause fatigue or discomfort in the central nervous system.Essence

Fourth, produce alcohol dependence

If a person drinks a large amount of alcohol for a long time, it will not only cause physical dependence, but also cause mental dependence and bring bad social consequences.The symptoms of the abstinence have alcohol dependence.

Fifth, alcoholism appears

When a person has a large amount of alcohol and exceeds his own ability, it will be transferred from the initial excitement state to the suppression state. There is no time, unclear words, even lethargic, blood pressure, respiratory failure, and severe pupils., Convulsions, shock, and even coma, if they are not rescued in time, even cause death.

Alcohol poisoning hurts the brain

Sixth, beer belly and obesity appear

Long -term drinking will be damaged to the function of the liver, reduce the metabolic ability of stem cells, decreases liver detoxification ability, causing fat metabolism to be blocked, stacking fat under the skin of the abdomen, increasing abdomen, and beer belly and obesity.

Seventh, drinking caused abnormal sugar metabolism

When drinking, there are more foods, which can easily cause blood sugar to rise, especially inhibiting the heterogeneity of liver glycogen. If drinking on an empty stomach will cause hypoglycemia, if you drink after meals, it will cause blood sugar to rise, reduce hypoglycemic effects, etc.It also causes abnormal sugar tolerance.

Eighth, drinking tumor

Under normal circumstances, drinking will not cause cancer, but if you drink a lot of alcohol for a long time, the gastric mucosa will be repeatedly stimulated, ulcers will occur, and severe cases will develop gastric cancer, which will also cause liver cancer and pancreatic cancer.Essence

Ninth, drinking causes oral diseases

When drinking alcohol, alcohol first to the oral cavity will irritate the oral mucosa, hurt the oral mucosa, cause oral mucosa ulcers, inflammation, etc., and alcohol will hurt the taste buds, which may damage the taste function, reduce its sensitivity, appear appetite, loss of appetiteEven if anorexia occurs, the chance of suffering from oral diseases will increase greatly.

Tenth, affect male fertility

The results of the study show that drinking will cause adverse effects on men’s fertility, often drinking alcohol, and even people who often drink alcohol, reduce fertility, and even cause infertility.It is easy to combine with women’s eggs, making it difficult for women to get pregnant, and some can also cause the birth of deformities, so it will affect men’s fertility.

Eleventh, suffer from pancreatitis

Alcohol can cause damage to the pancreas. Long -term drinking. The alcohol in the wine will increase the burden on the pancreas. The produced lipid peroxide will cause damage to the pancreatic cells, leading to fibrosis in the pancreas, atrophy of pancreatic cells, and then developing pancreatitis.In severe cases, pancreatic cancer.If the amount of alcohol is too large at a time, acute pancreatitis may also occur, and severe crisis life may occur.

Drinking pancreatitis The abdominal pain occurs severe pain

Twelfth, drinking caused hypertension, coronary heart disease

Frequent drinking or excessive drinking can cause adverse irritation to blood vessels, reduce blood vessel elasticity, lead to coronary arteriosclerosis, leading to coronary ischemia and hypoxia. If the coronary stenosis exceeds 50%or coronary spasm occurs, items of myocardial ischemia.It will cause hypertension and coronary heart disease.

Thirteen, suffering from alcoholic myocardial disease

Long -term drinking can hurt myocardium, affect the normal function of myocardial muscle, cause myocardial contraction weakness, slower contraction, increase cardiac compensation, and eventually lead to chronic heart failure.

Fourteenth, psychological diseases

The results of psychological research show that people who often drink alcohol will have abnormal personality, passive, dependent, lack of self -esteem, and prone to psychological diseases such as trouble, nervousness, anxiety, depression., So psychological diseases will occur.

The fifteenth, the double sulfuron reaction appears

For drinkers, if you take cephalosporin drugs with methyl -sulfulin nitrogen -nitrogen -nitrogen side chain within one week before drinking alcoholIemozole antimony antibacterial drugs such as metronidazole, tinidazole, gorantidazole, etc., as well as sulfonal hypoglycemic pills, glitzit, glitzine, etc., will obstruct the normal metabolism of ethanol, causing drinking for drinkingA small amount of wine can also cause double sulfurite reactions, with weakness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, blood pressure, shock, etc. If the rescue is not timely, even death will occur.

Sixteen, suffering from femoral head necrosis

Long -term drinking, especially alcoholism, will affect the blood supply in the femoral head, abnormal ischemia, pain and discomfort around hip joints, difficulty walking, leading to bone ischemia and necrosis, affecting normal activity.If the above symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital for imaging examination as soon as possible to prevent the harm from further aggravating.

There is nothing wrong with drinking, but there are more harms. We must leave a soberness and drunk when drinking. We cannot avoid causing related diseases and care for our physical and mental health.

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