It’s too difficult to conceive a baby now. Can pregnant women beauty?Will it affect the fetus?

I have been pregnant for more than three months, and the reaction of early pregnancy is basically over. Because the production date is still earlier and I have to go to work, so I have to make some basic skin care and makeup, but my mother -in -law said that pregnant women can no longer make makeup and beauty.Otherwise it will hurt the baby in the belly.Is there this kind of saying?Can pregnant women not make any beauty?So how can we be well -known during pregnancy?What kind of cosmetics are suitable?

During the pregnancy of women’s pregnancy, due to the changes in endocrine, the metabolism of metabolism is slow, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body rises, and the melanin precipitation increases, which causes a series of problems such as melasma, stretch marks, dry skin, and allergies.Improvement is possible, but do not turn heavy makeup. Too much use of cosmetics will not only stimulate the skin to cause allergies, but also cause distortion of the fetus.I suggest that pregnant women should use less cosmetics.

1. Pregnant women and lactating women do not dye hair and perm: 90%of the market on the market is chemical hair dye. Some manufacturers will also add phenylramine in order to achieve dyeing hair color.Benzhenylemine is an industrial dye, which is mainly suitable for fur dyeing agents. It is an internationally recognized "three -time" substance.Maternal and lactating women’s use of hair dye may cause breast cancer and cause fetal malformations.The cold -hot chemical ingredients used in perm can affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in the pregnant woman, and a few women also have an allergic reaction to them.Therefore, it is not advisable to use chemical cold and hot essence.

2. Do not use perfume during pregnant women and lactating women: "Zhen Zhenzhuan" starring Sun Yan, the most common means of the harem in the play is to give the pregnant concubine with musk -containing items, leading to abortion.You must know that many of the products in cosmetics perfume we use daily may contain a substance like musk. This substance is not good for the fetus and pregnant mothers, which can cause abortion.

3. Pregnant women and lactating women should not use freckle products: Many whitening and freckle products contain a variety of heavy metals such as vitamin A and mercury, lead, chromium, and mercury, to play a whitening and antioxidant effect.For normal people, there is no problem using it within the specified concentration.However, the product with excessive use of this type of component can cause fetal malformations.Although the proportion of this type of component added to skin care products is small, it will not produce physiological toxicity.However, for safety considerations, it is recommended that pregnant women and lactating women carefully use products containing this type of ingredients.

4. Do not use products such as aromatherapy essential oils such as pregnant women and lactating women

High -purity essential oils are generally toxic.Such as the aromatherapy essential oil made of lavender, Ma Yulan, sage, rose, jasmine, mint, rosemary, chamomile and other flowers. Although the toxicity is not high, the essential oils are extremely small, and it is easy to penetrate the skin on the fetus.The health of pregnant women will also affect sensitive fetal safety.And some essential oils have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Pregnant women are likely to cause abortion.Therefore, it is best not to use essential oils, aromatherapy and the like after pregnancy. It is best to restrain themselves.

1. It is easy to sweat during pregnant women. Washing your face and shampooing: Washing your face with amino acid cleansing milk is better. The pH value is 5.3. It is neutral and affinity. It will not cause damage to the skin.After pregnancy, pregnant women secrete strong, the scalp secretions increase, and it is easy to sweat.If you do not wash your hair in time, not only does your hair look greasy, but it is not good for the personal hygiene of pregnant women.During pregnancy, you should choose a pure and natural shampoo for pregnant women to make targeted nourishment and nutritional supplements on hair.Washing your hair should be washed 1-2 times a week.The hair on the face is the best beauty.

2. What products do pregnant women and lactating women use good skin care and beauty?

Due to changes in hormones during pregnancy, skin pigmentation will be caused, especially the areola, genitals and belly center. About 70 % of pregnant women, stretch marks on their cheeks, and some pregnant women will be acne on the face.So what product is good for skin care and beauty?Although there are cosmetics for pregnant women, I still recommend that it is not better.Because we cannot guarantee that pregnant women’s professional cosmetics are pure pure plant skin care products. For the sake of the baby’s health, we can make skin care products.

① Cucumber toner: Prepare a cucumber, one lemon, and 200 ml of distilled water.Wash the cucumber and lemon separately and dry, squeeze the juice with the juicer, then filter the raw juice of lemon with gauze, then shake the cucumber juice and lemon juice and distilled water, pour it into the empty bottle toner, put it in the refrigerator in the refrigeratorSave can be used.You can replenish the skin to keep the skin keep the skin and tender at all times!

②, okra moisturizing juice: Prepare 100 grams of okra, 100 grams of cucumber, and have a empty bottle toner.First wash the okra and cucumber into the juicer into juice, filter out the juice with gauze, pour the clean empty bottle toner, pour 1: 1 into the mineral water and mix well, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate refrigeratedSave indoor.Spray the face on the cotton pad first and cooperate with the appropriate massage. After about 10 minutes, you can use water to clean it.It has the effect of cleaning the skin, nourishing the skin, and preventing wrinkles from breeding.

③ Homemade cherry juice mask: Prepare 100 grams of fresh cherry and 2 eggs.First squeeze the cherry juice, filter out the juice with gauze, pour it into the glass bowl, then separate the egg yolk and egg white in the egg, pour the egg whites into the bowl, stir it with a spoon, and then evenly apply it to the face on the faceIt is OK in about 20 minutes.It can make the face skin rosy and white, and play a role in diluting stretch marks.

3. Pregnant women and lactating women can make some massage appropriately: use your fingers to make face massage while washing your face on weekdays to promote blood circulation and maintain glory.In the last 2 months of pregnancy, you can do abdomen massage and massage gently, so as to prevent stretch marks from appearing.You can use wheat germ oil, crispy oil, almond oil and the like to massage. These oils do not contain essential oils, which are relatively safer.

At the end of the article, I still want to remind sisters that it is best not to use cosmetics for pregnant women and lactating women.In fact, during pregnancy, the skin can cause some problems, such as stretch marks, acne, and no need to control it. Generally, it will disappear during this pregnancy.In order to make the baby’s healthy healthy skin care products, the safety index is higher.If you have any questions you need to consult me, you can communicate with me in the comment area. I will reply to you as soon as possible!

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