Junior high school students give birth in school!How do parents guide girls to avoid danger

Yesterday, I saw a worry -free report. Yunnan’s first -16 -year -old junior high school student bleeds during childbirth in the school dormitory. After hearing the baby crying, Auntan found that the school reported to the school and sent it to the hospital.

How did things happen?

The girl’s complaint, she was sexually assaulted by her classmate’s father three times in July 2021.And she dared not tell others when she was threatened, including her parents and teachers.So she concealed it for ten months before she had a child in the bedroom.

The 16 -year -old flower season girl, such a thing happened, really distressed.Many netizens demand severe punishment of criminal suspects.Some netizens felt incredible. The whole process from a junior high school student from pregnancy to production, the people around him did not find it.Some netizens talked about the school’s uniform, so they did not find the students’ pregnancy.

Who happened to happen?

In addition to the criminal suspect’s evil, the school’s management and concern for accommodation students are not enough.Shouldn’t parents reflect on themselves?From July last year to May this year, it was more long for children for more than ten months.Why did no one find the change of this child?A 16 -year -old girl, never go home, isn’t it worth worrying about it?

Why did this girl seek the help of parents and people around her after this kind of thing happened, she chose a person to stay in school and dare not go home.Is this also reflected. She lacks the care of her parents, and the teacher’s concern?There is no trustworthy and open -hearted person in her heart.She can only explore by herself by instinct.Eventually caused serious damage.This is the most dangerous issue in the growth of women.

How should parents guide adolescent girls to avoid danger?

1. Don’t let go

When the girl is 14 or 15 years old, the child’s figure is beginning to be like an adult, and he also has some friends and little secrets.Some parents think that their children have grown up and can let go.In fact, this is not the case.The more this time, the parents should be more strict.Because letting children intervene prematurely into the world of adults is very risky.

Second, ordering rules

When the girl reaches adolescence, for the safety of the child, parents should not let go at this time, but to communicate with the children and make rules.The child looks like an adult. In fact, it is still a child. Although they do not like to be restrained, they still need their parents and make rules as early as her.This must help her.For example: What size must you pay attention to when you wear clothes; what size should you pay attention to; what kind of place cannot go; what kind of website cannot be entered.These are all agreed with parents and children.She doesn’t know the child itself. Without such an agreement, it is likely to bring danger to the child.

3. Let your children realize that they are responsible for their growth

After formulating the rules, let the child know that she must be responsible for her growth.Let her know that all her actions will affect her life.The junior high school students mentioned at the beginning of the article are such a case.Her encounter is sympathetic, but this is also a painful lesson on her growth. Although more mistakes are the suspect, we must also know how to protect herself.It is also a responsibility to protect yourself.Only when she realizes this can she get real growth.I hope she can take good care of herself and live well.

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