Keep kernels, but also chaos! HCG, progesterone and abortion "triangle relationship

When you are pregnant, the two data you often see are progesterone and HCG. Doctors also value these two data very much. Once abnormalities occur, there may be risk of miscarriage.Is HCG doubling poor or low progesterone, is the mother’s problem or a fetus? The answer is possible.Whether it is a maternal problem or a fetal problem, it may cause abortion.There are generally three cases:

The first case: HCG doubles very good progesterone decreases

HCG doubles, and progesterone has decreased, which shows that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.If this situation is conditional, you can lie down and try to lie. As long as the progesterone is not particularly low, you can keep your fetus without replenishment.

The second case: The normal HCG is doubled in normal HCG

Weltone is normal, but HCG has doubled, and this is very small.Because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.We specifically explain the following from two situations:

1. Normal progesterone, HCG doubles "relatively" bad.What do you mean, that is, you go to test one day. The value goes up but it does not reach multiple. It is so bad that it is relatively bad.If your HCG is already tens of thousands of, then it is not so fast at first, and the speed will drop, it is normal.

2. Normal progesterone, HCG doubles "absolutely" bad.It is absolutely not good, that is, the value is in one range. For example, 8 days, only doubled, this situation is not very wonderful.First of all, to exclude ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be problems with embryos. Now many hospitals only supplement progesterone, rarely supplement HCG, because HCG is likely to be bad in the embryo itself, and the value of tire protection is not high.

The third case: The decrease in progesterone HCG is doubled well

HCG does not double but decreases, and progesterone is also decreasing. In this case, doctors suggest that you keep your fetus first. If you still have no improvement after taking tire preservation measures, you will suggest that you give up as soon as possible and do abortion.

Because in this case, it is most likely that the embryo itself is not good, and it is meaningless to protect the fetus.If the fetus is forced to keep the fetus, even if the fetus is successful, the fetus will face more tests during the later pregnancy, and it will even encounter a fetal stop. When the abortion is done later, the expectant mothers will add a danger.

Note: Not all bleeding means abortion

The first is about brown secretions. Some people are bleeding. Going to the hospital to find a doctor to eat progesterone. In fact, this is not the case. The brown secretion represents the previous bleeding. It is likely to be bleeding caused by trauma in bed.It was normal as the vaginal secretion was delayed.Pink, bright red, non -sticky, large amount of bleeding, or continuous bleeding need to pay attention to whether it is abortion.This brown discharge generally has passed in two or three days, and it will not be available again.

Mogoone is not a panacea, too much also has side effects

In addition, regarding the supplementation of progesterone, there is no symptoms and no adverse pregnancy history. The progesterone value is normal, and it does not fall down quickly.The medicine can also cause bleeding, and stop the drug slowly.There are also people who cause the fetus to cause the fetus to cause problems.

In the early pregnancy, a large amount of progesterone is used, and the risk of malformations such as fetal spine, anus, and limbs can increase 8 times.If you use artificially synthetic progesterone (such as pyrone has a male effect), about 18%of female fetuses are masculine.

Under the normal circumstances of progesterone deficiency, the use of progesterone will not cause danger, so we must correctly understand progesterone, correctly understand the different factors of miscarriage, and correctly understand the fetus.

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