Knowing more than 100 million people have hotly discussed sharing: "How do you discover that you are pregnant"?

Pregnancy is a very magical thing, especially in life is far more dramatic than TV series.

Maybe everyone will not be unfamiliar with such a picture: a normal family dinner, a normal dish, but a sudden retching, the family unconsciously said, "Isn’t it pregnant?" Yes!It’s really pregnant!Intersection

The TV series fixed pregnancy template, but who knows that the style has changed in life.

first part

How did you find that you are pregnant?IntersectionIntersection

Recently, there is a popular topic on Zhihu, which has received more than 100 million views and 10,000+ attention

"How do you find that you are pregnant"

This discussion has nearly 5,000 treasure moms contributed his valuable experience.

Judging from the answer, everyone found that the scenes of their pregnancy are different, there are thrilling, funny, and tenderness.

To be honest, after reading these posts, I feel that their excitement is no less than a TV series.

Let’s come together to taste together ~ (the source of the following materials is known)


Pregnancy was the first discovery of dogs

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There was a Samoye at home.I usually feel good and cute except to bite socks. Every day, my husband and I have to be poured by it to the door for a while to enter the door.I might not love me recently, and then it started to squat to the toilet with me. I used to call the bathroom to accompany the master who could not stay for two minutes. During that time, I squatted on the toilet for half an hour to accompany it.

The most fun thing is that my old public public jokes to take me. Our dogs are angry and roar for a few minutes. The old public public jokes that you will not be pregnant. You see it to protect you so much, so that you think of it. Only then think of it.Buy a pregnancy test stick to test, and I really test it.

Now that the baby is more than four months old, the dog will accompany me to coax my baby to sleep every night. When the baby sleeps, it will go to the small nest of the living room to sleep. The dog’s life is only ten years.I can’t stand it.


One day I especially want to eat chicken claws


I was washing clothes at that time. For a moment, I thought of chicken feet and I swallowed it unconsciously. Then I thought it was forgiven.Prepare, how can I have time to get chicken feet …

I just endured it for about half an hour, and I unconsciously wanted to eat chicken claws. The kind of kindness was unprecedented. I gripped my ears and scratched my cheeks. I felt very aggrieved … I was crying inexplicably …

At that time, when my husband came home from get off work at noon, I called him to come back to buy a pound of chicken feet.

After he returned, I couldn’t care about telling him in a word. He took the plastic bag and torn it apart. After eating 7 chicken feet in one breath, he was stunned …

For a long time, he slowed down and said: Why are you so abnormal today, did you not have full breakfast in the morning?No, no, you are a person who pays attention to losing weight, and you won’t eat so much. Are you pregnant?

I was stupid for a long time …

He rushed downstairs to buy the test paper …

Sure enough to get pregnant …


Doctor Orthopedic said I am pregnant

@ @ @

I did n’t discover it myself, but the doctor discovered, but the strange thing was the doctor of the medicine or the gynecological doctor. It was a orthopedic doctor who found that I was pregnant.

That was the first half of 2017. The quality of sleep has always been bursting. I have a special function that I can’t wake up for a while. I suddenly can’t sleep at night.Instead, I want to sleep.I was not alert to pregnancy, and I was very worried about the problem of cervical spine in the long -term office desk.I feel that my symptoms are very similar, the neck is uncomfortable, the cervical spine problem causes dizziness, and then it causing a bad sleep at night. If you do n’t sleep well at night, you just want to sleep during the day.

right!That’s right, that’s it. I have to see my cervical spine!

Then, I did the greatest death of my life so far, and went to the hospital to shoot Zhang X -rays without any protection.It’s too easy to take the cervical spine in the office now. I want to protect my cervical spine (at that time, the brain was stumped)

Fortunately, in the case of my head, I was convenient for me to go to a Chinese medicine hospital near the company.

What can you say, thank you for Chinese medicine, thank you in traditional medicine, and thank you at that time for the doctor’s alertness.Seeing that my film was fine, I heard me say that she couldn’t sleep well at night. The neck was uncomfortable. She flashed, pulled my hand, and gave me a pulse.

The serious Chinese medicine of regular hospitals can really take the pulse!The orthopedician grabbed the wrist and gave out the joy.At that time, the atmosphere was a little panicked, because pregnant women should avoid radiation and I just went to shoot two films.The doctor who took the consultation made another orthopedic doctor next to it and pulled my hand to confirm the pulse again. The result was very painful.Obstetrics and gynecology.

Well, now my precious cervical spine is no longer important, and it is the focus of whether shooting radiation on the fetus.Go back to check, the intestines are regretful.Fortunately, the doctor of the maternal and children’s hospital confirmed that the trace radiation in the early days did not affect the early trace radiation.

The pregnancy experience of these mothers above looks amazing, but here you still have to remind everyone that it is more reliable that you have a "signal" from your body, but you don’t notice it yourself.

So the second part of the article is to give you the early signs after pregnancy.The content has been reviewed by the obstetrics and gynecologists, and the authenticity is guaranteed. Please read it with confidence.

(Moms who have given birth to babies can see if there are these signs. Girls who are not pregnant or are in pregnancy can take a small book!)

the second part

Those "visible to the naked eye" changes in pregnancy

How do you know that you are pregnant? Generally speaking, if you are pregnant, it is the earliest symptom after menstruation.At the same time, you may still feel burnout, drowsiness or breast swelling in the early stages of pregnancy. These are some early signs of pregnancy.In addition, the following 5 symptoms are also valuable to determine whether pregnancy is pregnant:


Suddenly disgusting

This nausea does not refer to the morning vomiting reaction in the early stages of pregnancy, and it appears before the morning vomiting reaction.I don’t really want to vomit, but often feel nauseous.It may happen at any time of the day.It is estimated that 60 % to 80 % of women will experience this early pregnancy signs, which may be caused by hormonal changes and exacerbate due to pressure or fatigue.


There are symptoms like a cold

Generally, women after pregnancy will increase their physical temperature, fatigue, and stuffy nose. This is very similar to the symptoms of colds.The increase in body temperature is because women’s basal body temperature will rise after ovulation; nasal congestion is because women have hyperplastic hypertrophy after pregnancy, so they will cause nasal congestion.Therefore, when these symptoms occur, if you can get a cold, you are pregnant.


Anorexia or particularly eager to eat some kind of food

Most women have appetite changes from 1 to 2 weeks after menopause.For example, what I usually like to eat, I suddenly don’t like to eat.Some people are particularly eager to eat some kinds of food.However, this symptoms generally disappear naturally after half a month to one month.


Urban is particularly frequent

Frequent urination is also one of the early pregnancy reactions, because the bladder is located on the front of the uterus, and the uterus gradually increases to compress the bladder, which is prone to urination.Generally, after 3 months of pregnancy, the uterus grows and exceeds the pelvis, and the symptoms will disappear naturally.Therefore, when you feel that you want to go to the toilet and always feel that the symptoms of urination are not clean, then you must be prepared for pregnancy.


A loss of blood appears on the underwear

The embryo may cause minor bleeding inside the uterus when it is bed in the uterus, which will occur within 3-6 days after fertilization.You will find brown or pink blood on the underwear, which is also a signal of early pregnancy.However, this is a sign of pregnancy that will appear in a small number of talents, not everyone will appear.

The above is the most common signs of pregnancy. Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or unmarried women, you must understand the basic knowledge to prevent you from busy when you are just pregnant.Knowing that some young girls did not know that they were pregnant until production.

At the end

Being a mother is a dream of most women, but this also means that at the moment of fertilized eggs, they must endure all kinds of suffering, pregnancy, fatigue, frequent urination, insomnia, stretch marks …At the moment of this world, a real mother was born.

From pregnancy to childbirth to raising a child, this process is twisted and painful. Even without a day of vacation, it is like an upgrade to fight monsters until the end.

I saw such a sentence describing Lin Huiyin: When a woman became a mother, the flower became a tree.

Yeah, no matter how delicate and expensive it was, after becoming a mother, she will go low to the dust, including Xin Ru to raise children, and have mature and strong.

It ’s good for a hundred days, but a big tree has a tenacious vitality. It still stands still.This is the full meaning of the two words of the mother.

Then, I wish every woman looking forward to becoming a mother can be "pregnant", and thanks to each mother for their efforts.

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