Knowing that his wife was pregnant, the guy proposed a divorce, wife: I can only choose one in the workplace and children

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In ancient times, the marriage was paid to the door. Now the marriage more reflects the personal feelings. In this way, there will be some asymmetric, inconsistent marriage.Economic income, social status, family situation, or asymmetric, incompetence of personal abilities, but this asymmetry, incompetence will not have much problems at the beginning of the marriage, but over time, as a strong one, as a strong one, as a strong one, as a strong one, as a strong one, as a strong one, it is a strong one.If one party does not know how to operate, the marriage will disintegrate, and the family will disperse.

Tan Yan and Gu Ming have been married for 8 years. At that time, Tan Yan just arrived in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. When she had no relatives, Gu Ming gave her a lot of help to help her rent a house, help her to buy daily necessities, help her familiarize with the environment, help her, and help her.Her job was planned, and soon Tan Yan entered a state of work.

In contact with Gu Ming, Tan Yan was moved by his gentle personality, serious style, and meticulous consideration, and he felt a touch of goodwill in his heart.With the thoughts in his heart, he will naturally reveal it. Tan Yan often approaches Gu Ming by taking the opportunity. Gu Ming also felt Tan Yan’s mind, but he soon extinguished the flame in his heart.Because he clearly knew his distance from Tan Yan, Gu Ming and Tan Yan were not small.

How can a woman chasing men is easy? With the unremitting efforts of Tan Yan, Gu Ming still did not stick to his bottom line and became Tan Yan’s boyfriend. He finally became the toad who had eaten swan meat.The later things seemed to have been a lot smooth. After three years of love, they got married.

These three years are Tan Yan’s three years of growth. She has made a great improvement in her work. She is now a single person.On the other hand, Gu Ming, since determining the relationship with Tan Yan, he has been responsible for Tan Yan’s life. He paid for her silently behind Tan Yan, so he has not been so concerned at work.EssenceHe is such a easy -going and easy -going, and it is not very advanced in the eyes of many people.

After marriage, Gu Ming’s idea is to have a child as soon as possible, and then save money to buy a house to cultivate children and the like.But Tan Yan’s thoughts were different. She didn’t want to live this life at a glance. She hoped to live a challenging life and hoped that she was more powerful, so she didn’t want to have children prematurely.With her insistence, Gu Ming didn’t say anything and accompanied her to contraception.

I have been married for 8 years, Gu Ming is 35 years old, and Tan Yan has 33.Tan Yan is getting busy, either on a business trip or overtime. Every morning, she returns and returns. Many times she returns to Gu Ming asleep on the sofa.The distance between them is getting bigger and bigger. Tan Yan is no longer the little girl who is just out of her, Gu Ming is no longer the big brother who can rely on her.Now Gu Ming can give her a bowl of hot soup and a cup of hot tea, that’s all.

Tan Yan fainted in the office that day, and colleagues quickly sent her to the hospital. After checking the doctor, she told Tan Yan that she was pregnant and explained a lot of problems that needed attention.Hearing this result, Tan Yan was a little tangled. Why did she get pregnant at this time?I just took a large project in my hand, and the company also appointed itself to study in Europe in the second half of the year.If you stop and have children at this time, will your own efforts turn into a bubble?

Gu Ming heard the news of Tan Yan fainting and hurried to the hospital. He arrived at the hospital just to catch up with the nurse to draw blood, and quickly asked the situation.Knowing that Tan Yan was pregnant, Gu Ming was very happy and couldn’t speak anymore.After a long time, I said: Thank you!Thank Wife!But Tan Yan was even more tangled when she heard this.

At this time, Mr. Li, the boss of Tan Yan, asked Tan Yan’s situation, and said, "How do you do it, why are you pregnant at this time, how can you give you a big project for you to explain it?I have won you a quota for European investigation. What do you say what you do? How do you let me explain it with the above? "Said Gu Ming who turned around and followed," As Tan YanHusband, you should support her work a lot, you can’t drag your hind legs. "

Gu Ming nodded helplessly, and President Li left.Gu Ming asked Tan Yan: "How did you plan for wife?" Tan Yan replied: "It’s really not the time for this child to come, or … my husband is waiting for me for a while." Gu Ming lostSay good.

Gu Ming and Tan Yan said with a long focus: "Wife, now I am getting older and bigger from you, and I can’t keep up with your pace. I don’t have as ambitious as you.Live myself. I don’t want to drag your hind legs anymore, you always say that I should support your work to me. I think you will kill your child and wait for your body to recover.I don’t worry, I don’t want anything in my family and things. "

Two weeks later, Gu Ming moved away after signed the divorce agreement.Tan Yan knew that the dishes in the refrigerator had to be bought. Gas had to be paid. The clothes had to be washed and ironed. The toilet was brushed. The rice could not become porridge. Eggs and tomatoes could not be directly turned into soup.When she finished the housework in a hurry, it was almost ten o’clock. It turned out that Gu Ming had dealt with a lot of emails when he was at home.

As her body became increasingly inconvenient, she finally realized that she could only choose one child and the workplace.So she had a difficult manner to the company to replace the project leader and replace the places to inspect Europe. She could transfer or resign.The company immediately found someone to take over her job, and the company’s leadership had scattered the tone that would no longer renew her contract with her after the contract expired this year.It wasn’t until this time Tan Yan really understood the sentence, "You are just an employee in the company, and someone will replace you at any time; but you are all at home, no one can replace it."

Touching her slightly bulging belly, she tore the divorce agreement signed by Gu Ming.In my heart, "Gu Ming, Gu Ming, thought that the divorce agreement could throw our mother -in -law? That is impossible. In this life, you are afraid that you can’t escape."

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