#Korean drama

Uncle returned to 18 years old and found his daughter and son.

He turned back to 18 years old.Without awareness, he came to a convenience store to buy some shochu.But the clerk asked him to show his ID card.He looked up and froze, turned out to be his daughter.Shouldn’t this time study at school?His daughter asked him curiously, and what did you know so much that he didn’t know me so much?He was about to get angry, but the boss came over and asked what happened?(Hey, I am his father).

After hearing it, the daughter scolded him directly as a lunatic (you dare to say that Dad is a lunatic), and said he was going to pull his daughter out.I was about to push the door, and at this time the face appeared in the mirror, but he called him a shock.Looking at his youth, he slapped himself directly.He couldn’t care about his daughter, and ran directly to his friend De Zhen’s home.Instead of recognizing him, De Zhen regarded him as a thief.Warn him to leave quickly.As soon as he wanted to explain, the bullet came over.

Just in the twist of the two, he was fainted by De Zhen.And De Zhenshun picked up the photo and just wanted to smash it, and he was dumbfounded instantly.He was exactly the same as his high school classmates.It turned out that his name was Hong Daying.In high school, he was a dark horse of the school basketball team.Not only are people handsome, the school also plans to protect him from the national basketball team.But in a trial, he learned that his girlfriend was pregnant by accident.In front of the national team and love, Hong Daying resolutely gave up the former and chose love.

In order to keep their children, the two decided to drop out of school regardless of their opposition.But often fantasy is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.They have no financial ability, not only worry about rent, but also to bear the milk powder of two children.To this end, Da Ying made money.But he had no education, the other was no background, and he couldn’t find a good job at all.Go up to the palace, to the waiter.Under the poison of society, Da Ying transformed into a greasy uncle who became alcoholic from the handsome young man.Emotionally, he treats his hard -working wife, either complaining or quarrels. Treating children is always reprimanded, and the relationship is getting farther and farther.In his career, he has worked hard for 10 years (Hong Daying, an outstanding employee of this month).After finally waiting for a chance to be promoted, who knew it was snatched by the relationship households.He found the boss’s reason, but was humiliated by the boss.

Da Ying resigned angrily.He did not go well in love. He came to the basketball hall despair, watching the basketball in his hand, and when he remembered a midfielder of his own, he won the sincere girlfriend of his wife.Now he wants to go back to the past and change everything that happened in reality. He didn’t expect a shot, and he really turned back to 18 years old.Accompanied by Deszhen, Da Ying decided to re -choose his life.

This time he planned to regain his dream of basketball, a new and heroic manner came in, and the girls present were all favored.At this moment, a girl suddenly stood up and shouted that you madman. Da Ying was suddenly shocked. This was too bloody, and he actually played with his biological daughter.

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