Korean female sex education films, compared with shy, ignorance and indulgence are even more shameful

The love of youth men and women is like an orange, sweet and green

And now it is an era of openness and freedom

In this orange -like love, there are always some difficulty to open up

For example, the applause from love and love to the depths

For these hidden secrets, most people choose to keep their mouths away. When they encounter problems, they also secretly seek solution.

But this kind of avoidance and difficulty can cause people to suffer some avoided damage.

Today’s Korean drama recommended by Sister Shadow,

Through the experience of three girls, each girl answered the problems encountered in women’s growth.

"I Want to Do Good"

Zhiyu, an outgoing girl

Although the mind is very open, but what should be done and what should not be done, she has a scales in her heart.

So when my boyfriend loves to deepen, he decides to applaud, but when you are not prepared to protect the protection measures,

She directly kicked it out of the house,

His boyfriend was unwilling, and he prayed:

"It’s not a dangerous day today, I’m sorry, I won’t be like this in the future"

He just wanted to perfunctory, but didn’t realize the real problem.

How could he take responsibility for accidents when a boy was not thinking about your safety?

So the angry Zhiyu torn out, the boyfriend’s disguise

"Don’t you prepare security measures, do you think I don’t know? Pretending to tear up what little cleverness is playing?

If I didn’t see it just now, what would happen in the future, would you run with your legs and run?

In case of pregnancy, don’t all the responsibilities be on?"

After speaking, I just dropped my boyfriend and turned away.

This is her, dare to love and hate, there is principles and bottom lines.

She has two girlfriends that have nothing to say: Yaren and Xiaying

Yaren, the youngest, innocent and kind,

Recently, I have fell in love with colleagues who have worked part -time in a coffee shop.

The male god is handsome, gentle and considerate,

At work, there is a chance to contact the male god’s limbs.

Not only the male god and her words, the move will make her imagination,

Even sleeping, she often dreams of intimate contact with the male god.

This made her panic, she didn’t understand why it was,

Did you be possessed by the devil?This is too shameful.

At a party, the drunk Ya Ren showed white to the male god with wine,

But I didn’t want to, the male god kissed directly after hearing her confession.

This directly made Ya Ren stunned, all of this, as if in the dream,

But unlike the dream, the male god after the kiss actually said:

"I don’t want to be too hasty, and then determine the relationship after understanding."

IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionDon’t want to hasty, what do your loved ones do?IntersectionIntersection

What is even more angry is that the silly white and sweet Yaren actually thought that the male god was responsible because he was responsible, so he didn’t agree immediately.

A few days later, the male god with a sense of responsibility invited Yaren to go out for dinner and watch movies.

The place to play is at home,

At the male god’s house, the two did not talk a few words, and the male god pushed Yaren on the sofa.

This is completely different from the romance in Yaren’s imagination.

Looking at the male god who was not related to the monkey, Ya Ren didn’t return, and escaped.

While Zhiyu and Yaren suffered in trouble, Xia Ying also encountered difficulties.

She is a sister of Yaren. She has a gentle personality and has worked hard. She has a boyfriend who has been talking about for many years.

Compared to the other two, she is undoubtedly happier,

But recently, she always feels uncomfortable, especially in privacy.

She wanted to go to the pharmacy to get medicine, but because the doctor was a man, she was ashamed to speak.

And under the doctor’s inquiry, he chose to escape.

If you are not easy to get the medicine yourself, you can only go to the hospital to see it.

After confirming that a doctor is a woman,

She was sitting in the rest area up uneasily, waiting for the name,

However, I accidentally found an acquaintance, so I was frightened and hid,

In her heart, it is a shame to see the gynecology.

After the acquaintance left, she finally got the courage and walked into the hospital again

But I didn’t want to, the result of the examination was that she had X disease.

The only boyfriend has something to do with yourself,

She doesn’t understand why she is sick,

She finds her boyfriend, seek comfort, and hopes that her boyfriend will also go for an examination

I didn’t want to, her boyfriend was not only angry, but also suspected that Xia Ying himself "provoked" himself.

The boyfriend is constantly doubting and distrust, and Xia Ying, who is upset, collapse,

The love between the two is also at stake,

What kind of experience will the three people who are upset with love?

Will Zhiyu and Yaren be with her boyfriend?

Can Xia Yingneng return with her boyfriend?

Sister Shadow does not do too much spoiler.

This drama is different from the kind of love film often filmed in Korean dramas

Taking the applause from love and love as the entry point,

Through the personal encounter of the three heroines,

To answer women, when you are in love, dreams, first, and even unfortunate illness,

How to solve all kinds of problems.

This kind of subject matter is just like the "17.3 About X" recommended by Sister Shadow before,

Discuss the applause of love and love.

After all, now we live in an open and free era,

When it comes to love, the applause from love to the depths is always an essential topic.

But the applause of love deep is always an indescribable topic for many people.

Just like the drama

"When we are ignorant about certain knowledge, who would ask our parents or teachers? Not all of them secretly check the relevant knowledge, and even friends may not communicate with each other."

But this kind of difficulty can make many people hurt because of ignorance, because there is nowhere to ask.

In fact, it is not shameful, shameful is ignorance and indulgence,

Finally, I also hope that all girls will understand: love people must love themselves first.

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