Late night story | Seventeen -year -old school flowers are pregnant, saying my child

I remember I especially liked a girl, but that girl was the kind of waves.

Once I went out to open a room with her. After finishing the incident, she smiled and said to me, "Do you know, I was prescribed by a few old men last night, and when I got up this morning, I found that I was sleeping."

"Then what did you do at the time?"

"I went to take a bath, and then they gave me hundreds of dollars and I came out, otherwise I would have money to ask you to eat hot pot to open the house tonight."


How do you say that feeling at the time, I knew she was open, but I did not expect that she could not care about this kind of thing, and even did not expect that she was quite optimistic.

I used to be the kind of school flower in school. The long and beautiful is beautiful. I always have an inexplicable vanity with her. Later, I did n’t study, and then I was kicked out by the family.Different men ask her to dinner and open a room for her.

Later, I met various reasons. I also knew how to order her story, but who made her beautiful, so I was together.At that time, the thoughts were also simple and clear. Such a beautiful girl was sorry for not sleeping.

After a long time, I don’t want her to go out with other men, I asked her to live in the house I rented. I went to eat with her after school every day, but it did not last long. She went out with other men again.Sometimes there are kiss marks when they come back with their necks.I was very angry at the time, but I still told her a good thing, telling her that this is not a way. Go home if you play enough, apologize to your parents, and then go to school well, but she feels like this.Life is also good.

The two biggest hobbies in men’s life are to seduce the derailment of Liangjia women and persuade the wind prostitutes to be good.

me too.

I have been advising her to go back and study hard. Maybe because of our three views, I quarreled and slapped her. To be honest, I didn’t expect that I could get it myself, but I still hit it fiercely.On her face.

Maybe she did not expect that I would hit her. After all, I had a must -see to her before, and I had been tolerate everything. After all, my girlfriend was used to my girlfriend in my heart.

Remember that after the fight, both of us were stunned.After a while, she stared at my eyes and looked at my eyes and turned away.

Just left and never came back.

Later, I also dropped out of school, and Baidu searched for a school that could be paid by individuals.

During that time, I asked her through others and heard that it was going to go to the bar.

A few months ago, I heard that she was sick and sexually sick.

She is seventeen years old.

When I was out of school that afternoon, I saw her standing there as soon as I walked at the entrance of the school, and then when I saw me, she ran over and hugged me. I told me loudly that she was pregnant. At that time, she had just finished class.After saying this, many people next to them were quiet and stared at me. Of course, there were quite a lot of people who knew me at school. At that time, it was really embarrassing.Return to the house by a car.

Then I asked her "Are you really pregnant?"

"Well, I will suddenly want to vomit, and my aunt didn’t come this month."

"Who are you fucking? I have known you for more than half a month, and every time I take measures, how could it be mine. Last time you told me that you were raped, I am still afraid of your pregnancy, secondI still go to buy you medicine early. "

"I didn’t say it was yours, I calculated it, I should be my boyfriend according to the time. I went to him today and told him this matter, and then …" Then … "

"You can do it too. At this time, you still have a mood to play."

"I am not voluntary."

"Oh, I still met a man who was more mixed than me in the first time."

Then I held her and said, "It’s okay, since he doesn’t care, then I will help you solve it."

I said that when I went out, and the next day I went to school, as soon as I entered the school door, I heard someone behind me discussing me. I was used to this kind of embarrassment that others were scolding you and scolding you behind.It’s right.After I entered the classroom, my friends with a better relationship came over and said to me, "There will be a mistake when Brother Brother also makes a mistake. Didn’t you always say that you are sure?What’s going on this time? "

"Children are not mine, but I just want to care about this."

"You are sick, have you been stimulated recently, your attitude towards women was not like this before."


I started to make money crazy at school, and when I walked on campus, I borrowed people. During that time, many people saw me hiding far away.Fortunately, the character was not too bad at that time, there were quite a lot of friends around me. I took me 50, and the one took me a hundred.The next day, I got two thousand first, and then I called her, let her hold the two thousand dollars first, and told her not to worry, I will help you solve this matter.After hanging up the phone, he took out the cigarette point from his pocket and took a deep sip.At that time, I felt like a fucking man.

Until one day, she called me that night and said that she didn’t go out again, and I told her that she asked her to wait for me at the school gate. I waited for me to go to my house after school. After school, I saw her at the entrance of the school.When I, I said, "Go, take a car back to the house." "I don’t want to live in the house, I want to stay in the hotel." Then, I went to the hotel. At that timeAbout a thousand.

It’s almost twelve o’clock, and she suddenly said that she was hungry again. She wanted to eat hot pot, and I took her to eat hot pot again.

A few days later.

I walked on the road alone that day after school, and heard a few girls in front of me saying, "Do you know who is one and who?" When I heard it, I was talking about me, I wanted to do anything anyway.Say me.

Then I heard them behind them, "Who who is one of the middle school? I heard my friend said, the girl cheated for thousands of dollars, and invited my friend to sing hot pot every day." Another girl has another girl.Said, "Who is that who is not a famous bastard, a girlfriend in three days, how can a girl cheat for so long this time?"


I called her immediately, and I told her, you came to my house, and I borrowed 2,000 yuan just now, and you came over.

She immediately got a car and went to my house. At that time, I lay on the bed alone to smoke. She entered the door and gave me coquettishness. I ignored her.

After a while, I asked her, "I heard that you have lived very moisturizing these two days. What about more than 2,000 yuan I give you?"

"I deposited in the bank card, am I not pregnant?"

"Just right, something happened in the past two days, almost money. Let me take me a thousand first."

"My bank card is not brought."

I snatched her bag and poured the bag on the bed.The bank card also fell out.

"Didn’t you bring a bank card, what is this?" I asked her with a bank card and asked her.

"Still don’t tell the truth, are you sure to carry it to me here?"

She lowered her head, and she suddenly cried and said, "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t lie to you. I actually didn’t get pregnant. Whoever said and let me lie to your money.


"You go, I don’t want to hold this matter anymore. Don’t meet in the future.

In fact, I still want to ask her really like me, I didn’t open it.

Well, this is the end of this story.I was able to give myself the biggest comfort at that time to buy a bag of cigarettes in the shop, and a person walking on the road.

I was uncomfortable, I couldn’t cry but couldn’t cry.Think about it, I have been in high school for more than a year, better than fifty or sixty girlfriends.I used to lie to the girl before, and I was deceived by the girl this time.This may be retribution.

Forget it, I want to start again.

The person who pays attention to the late night healing hall is me who tells you stories every night.

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