Legend of the Tajik nationality: Princess Huaxia, who married a small country in the Western Regions, was pregnant halfway, and gave birth to a country

There is such a story circulating in the Tajik tribe in the Western Regions. It is said that there is a Chinese princess to the Western Regions to relatives.But on the way, it stopped and created a country.how did this happen?

There is a small country in the Western Regions.The king had a strange dream one night, and he dreamed that he had risen to the sun, East.There, he saw a beautiful fairy.The next day, he asked the artist to draw the portrait of the fairy in his dream, and ordered the two ministers to go to the East to find the two fairies.

Two ministers have been walking east and walking to the palace of Huaxia in the east.When they saw that the palace girl in the court was so beautiful, they must be here.They handed the portraits in their hands to the emperor, hoping to find the fairy on the portrait and marry them back.The emperor chose her three daughters as a pro -princess and asked her to marry the king of the Western Regions.However, when the two ministers returned to the Western Regions with the princess, the Western Regions were in many national melee, so they chose a mountain and built a castle on it.They set up the princess in the castle and wanted to wait for the situation to stabilize and bring the princess back to China.

Unexpectedly, when the princess lived in the Princess Castle for a while, she suddenly became pregnant.The two ministers were at a loss. They tortured the guards and maids around the princess, but neither of them.Finally, one day, a palace girl around the princess told the two ministers that the princess would have to go down with the sun in the sun every day.Her child is the child of the sun god.The princess is surrounded by countless maids every day. How can other men enter at will?

Although the two ministers were suspicious of this, they knew that if the matter was reported to the king, the king would not believe them.In the end, they may have worries about life.Therefore, they decided not to return to China.When the princess gives birth to the son of the sun god, this child is really different from ordinary people.He is one day, and he has grown into a young man in just a few months.Everyone felt that this was a child of God, so he immediately embraced him as a king.Two ministers and princess have since stayed in this castle and set up a country named Kanphan Tuo.

This country is also recorded in "Datang Western Regions".Although this is a magical legend, it records the origin of this country.This legend may be the story of this small country in the Western Regions to improve its status.Even if others do not easily believe that the son of the sun god is here, he will worry about their identity from Huaxia, and dare not act lightly on them.

Although there is no record of this story in the Central Plains Dynasty, if you look at it for a long time, this story does not say in the Shang Dynasty.The archeologist is going to find evidence in Oracle.

The descendants of this country have become today’s Tajik, and they still praise this magical legend.Although they are high -nose, this story has a close relationship with Huaxia.This legend is not contradictory with their appearance and blood, because in this plot, the blood ancestors of this country also have Persian envoys.”中国 中国”

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