Less menstrual flow, thin endometrium, and difficult to get pregnant?One recipe helps you to meet your pregnancy

The uterus is a place where the baby grows in the mother’s body. The endometrium is the soil that gives birth to life. Whether the soil is fertile is essential for pregnancy.If the endometrium is thin, it is easy to cause amenorrhea and infertility.

What is the endometrium?

The diagnosis of "thin endometrium" is a diagnosis of imaging. Usually refers to the thickness of the endometrium by ultrasound in the late follicles, <7mm.

Why does the endometrium thin affect pregnancy?

After the combination of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs are formed. About 6 to 7 days after fertilization, the fertilized egg baby must be implanted in the endometrium. This process is called "bed".If we compare the embryo to "seeds", then the seeds want to take root and thrive;

In addition to the cause of the seeds itself, the fertile soil is essential, and the soil here is the endometrium.The barren and weakness of soil (endometrium) will affect the rooting of the seeds (fertilized eggs), and even cannot be sown (bed). Even if you take root, you can easily die (abortion) because the foundation is too thin) during the growth process.

Therefore, an endometrium that is suitable for seed sowing and growth is particularly important.

Thin uterine endometrium can also cause less menstrual flow

Menstruation is formed by the endometrial endometrium. If the endometrium is relatively thin and less dropped, the menstrual flow will be less, so the amount of menstrual flow is small, and the amenorrhea is also related to the thin endometrium.

What causes the endometrium?

1. Half of the uterine endometrium is thin, and the cases of uterine cavity adhesion include the history of cervical dilatation and post -abortion.

2. Low estrogen level is a common reason.

3. Inflammation.For example, the endometrium tuberculosis, which was originally soft and fertile, became tough due to inflammation damage, and even formed a tissue -like tissue, just like the land of the plate, the embryo could not be planted.

4. Some female friends have neither inflammation nor the history of the operation of the uterine cavity. The shape of the uterine cavity is normal, but the endometrium is thin. Studies have shown that this is caused by the decrease in endometrial blood flow and gene polymorphism.

In short, in addition to the number of congenital development abnormalities, most of the endometrium is caused by acquired factor.

TCM analysis of endometrium thin pathogenesis

Traditional Chinese medicine attributes endometrium to the category of lack of menstruation, amenorrhea, and infertility.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the thin endometrium is mostly deficiency of kidney, qi and blood deficiency, so that qi and blood cannot be supported, and they can be disordered. They can use traditional Chinese medicine therapy to nourish qi and nourish blood, nourish the kidney and spleen, thereby gradually thickening the endometrium.

Today, I will tell you a prescription that specializes in the uterine endometrium and has a small amount of menstrual volume, which is called nourishing Blood Fugong Palace Decoction.It is intended to adjust the liver and kidney, nourish the blood and restore the palace.

Fangzhong is a sang cooked land wolfberry and silk silk yam to nourish the compound palaces nourishing blood, no illegal and blood, difficult to produce, blood stagnation does not circulate, and it is difficult to recharge the palace.Lan Shuong the meridians, the bonus knee dysplasia down to return to the lower element, and the fennel is warm, the kombopal Huai Yuezhi, the nourishment of the rackets and the rupture of it, Yunling penetrates it, the blood of Atractylodes, the qi and blood of the waistThe square is all -round, and the sky is thorough, just like a war, the rain falls, the rain falls, the sun is shining, the stream is turbulent, the grass is Fengmao, the vitality is full, and the palace is no longer.

It can be ruled that women are closed or less, difficult to become pregnant, or fatigue, low sexual desire, poor food, lumbar distress, faint discomfort in the abdomen, and weakness in all gynecology.

For 3 years seeking a child, Chinese medicine helps her to be pregnant with her baby successfully

Ms. Huang, 36 years old, had miscarriage many times when she was young. The menstrual flow was small all year round. She was stressful and tight. She often worked overtime and night shifts. At the same time, she was emotionally unstable and was particularly irritable.I still suffer from insomnia, and I finally dreamed of sleep.I especially want to have a second child. I have been preparing for three years, but it is always difficult to get pregnant.

I went to the local hospital for examination and found that the endometrium was thin. The doctor told her that with her physical condition, I am afraid it would be difficult to conceive her child.

After being introduced by a friend, she found me to see the doctor.At the beginning of the condition, Ms. Huang was still a little anxious and felt that she was old.Doing her ideological work, patience and professionalism have eliminated this doubt.

Unexpectedly, after the conditioning of 2 courses, Ms. Huang’s various discomforts were significantly reduced. The menstrual cycle was about 5 days, the amount of quantity increased, and the sleep was also good. Recently, she has successfully conceived her baby.The whole family is very happy.Congratulations!

In addition to conditioning under the guidance of professional physicians, patients with endometrial thin; on the basis of nutritional balance, they can use meat, eggs, milk and other body resistance; and pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, especiallyIt is a vitamin -rich food such as carrots and oranges. At the same time, it is recommended to eat more beans, cereals and potato foods, such as black beans and soybeans.

The above sharing hopes to help everyone.

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