The "friends" of "Aunt Aunt" this month, the girls are already very familiar with it. When it comes to it, it is the Tao.

So how much do you know about the little "friend" of the leucorrhea almost every day?We always receive such questions:

"My leucorrhea has become a lot, is this normal? Is there any gynecological disease?"

Today, I will give you "Lands and Vientiane Interpretation" for everyone, let’s take a look at the leucorrhea problem you care about ~

Under the influence of hormones secreted by ovarian, female friends will be new and fall off, and a small amount of liquid will be secreted by the vaginal wall; on the other side, the cervical mucus glands will also produce cycle change under the affected ovarian hormone., Secrete transparent mucus.

These epithelial cells, mucus, and liquids are mixed out of the vagina, and the liquid of egg -shaped is leucorrhea.

After a long evolution, the human body is quite refined, and each part has its meaning.So what is the role of white belt?

1. The lubricant of the vagina

In the natural state, the front and rear walls of the vagina are attached to each other, and the vagina is closed.The leucorrhea can make the vagina wet and smooth, reduce friction between the vaginal walls, and protect them from damage.

2. Natural protection barrier

The leucorrhea contains lactobacillus. They have lived in the vagina for a long time and decompose the rich glycogen in the vagina into lactic acid, thereby maintaining the acidic environment of the vagina.

It is such a acidic environment that suppress the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and put our body in a healthy state; otherwise, it will be sick!

3. The swimming pool of "small tadpoles"

Sperm will go up to find eggs along the leucorrhea, and the amount of leucorrhea during ovulation during ovulation is thin and thin, which helps to complete fertilization.

4. Healthy vane

A variety of gynecological diseases will cause leucorrhea changes, so paying attention to leucorrhea in daily life can remind the health of the body; the leucorrhea examination in the hospital when you are sick will also provide many clues to the disease.

The cervix mouth was gradually expanded after the period, and the secretion function of the cylindrical epithelial cells in the cervical pipe was strong, and the amount of mucus increased with the mixing of vaginal secretions.On the other hand, before and after menstrual period, due to pelvic congestion and estrogen, vaginal exudate and cervical secretion will also increase accordingly.

These reasons are comprehensive to increase leucorrhea during menstruation or before and after the period.

1. Periodic leucorrhea increases

Because of the influence of endocrine, leucorrhea is also periodic changes.In the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will become thin and transparent, and it becomes sticky and turbid 2-3 days after ovulation. These are normal phenomena.

2. Increase pressure leucorrhea

In the natural state, the front and rear walls of the vagina are attached to each other, and the vagina is closed.The leucorrhea can make the vagina wet and smooth, reduce friction between the vaginal walls, and protect them from damage.

3. Increased leucorrhea during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, due to the increased secretion of sex hormones, the hyperplasia of cervical glandular hyperplasia is more thick and thick.Furthermore, as the fetus gradually grows up, the pelvic cavity and vagina of the mother’s body are gradually grown, which prompts the neighboring vascular dilation and congestion, and also causes the increase in vaginal mucosa exudate, so that the vaginal secretion is a normal physiological hypertrophic phenomenon, which will increase leucorrhea.

4. The increase in the increase in leucorrhea in the same room

Sexual life in the same room will cause pelvic congestion, increase vaginal discharge, and leucorrhea will increase

Do the girls see this understand?The increase in simple leucorrhea is not a sign of gynecological diseases. Don’t scare yourself!

So what is the abnormal leucorrhea?Under what circumstances need to see a doctor?Please listen to Xiaobian.

We have mentioned earlier that the normal leucorrhea should be like egg white, it is colorless, transparent or milky, sticky, smelling liquid, but when the color, state and smell of leucorrhea have changed, we call it leucorrhea.abnormal.

★ Yellow -green leucorrhea

When you find that the leucorrhea on the small inside is yellow or yellow with light green, with a foam and strange taste, and the vagina is burning, and itching of the vulva. You must be careful if you have trichomonas vaginitis!

Trichomonas vaginitis is infected through "popping", and it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as itching and burning sensation, burning sensation, malignant smell, frequent urination and urgency.

★ Tao rice water leucorrhea

Continuously flowing out of rice -like leucorrhea. If it is accompanied by a strong smell, the people next to them can smell as long as they approach. At this time, be careful if you have a cervical disease.

★ Blood leucorrhea or light coffee color leucorrhea

If you have blood in the leucorrhea, you must consider whether you have diseases such as cervical polyps, endometrial polyps.

In addition, the birthpool placed in the palace can also cause bloody leucorrhea.

★ Casting milk or bean dregs -like lack

Lands like white tofu or cheese. Once such leucorrhea is dyed, female vulva will have severe itching or burning pain. It is very uncomfortable. This is a typical manifestation of mold vaginitis.

★ Gray -white leucorrhea

When a gray -white leucorrhea appears, and a embarrassing fishy smell is also exuding, you must be alert to get bacterial vaginitis. Usually the taste is weak, and you usually smell it when you take off your pants.In addition, it will be accompanied by increased secretions, itching and hot pain in the vulva.

1. Timely treatment: If the leucorrhea occurs abnormal, but does not attract attention. If the treatment is delayed, it is likely to aggravate the development of the disease. Therefore, once abnormalities are found, it should be checked as soon as possible and treated in time.

2. Maintain good hygiene habits: Do not use various medicinal solution to clean the vagina. Instead, it may induce vaginitis.There are little fairy worried about leucorrhea staining underwear or lazy to wash underwear. They always use sanitary pads on weekdays. This approach is not advisable.

3. Eat and sleep well and feel good: Stick to exercise and enhance your physique; ensure sufficient sleep, eat reasonably, eat more fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins; the most important thing is to maintain an optimistic and good mentality!

4, clothes selection: wear less tight pants, remember to choose cotton inside!

If you find that your leucorrhea is abnormal, the correct approach is to seek medical treatment in time. Do not use the medicine blindly!

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