Li Ke old Chinese medicine: I have a good way to cure uterine fibroids!


Uterine fibroid test case

Yan Mou, a cadre family member of the Forestry Bureau, was 44 years old and was diagnosed on July 13, 1983.After a maternal examination of the Second Hospital of Jinzhong, it was diagnosed with uterine fibroids (9 × 8cm). It is recommended to remove surgery to avoid post -trouble.

The patient was afraid and came to the clinic for treatment.For abdominal diagnosis, the abdominal distension is as large as May of pregnancy, and there is a circular mass of a large fist under the umbilicus.

The dysmenorrhea is 5 months, the menstrual period is not smooth, the color is dark and sticky, and the pieces are very large. It is continuously dripping. It often lasts more than 10 days.The complexion was dark, the tongue was red, and the pulse was string.

There is a tangible pain, it is not a day, Guizhi Poria Pills and insects search for a slow attack:

Guizhi, peach kernels, Danpi, red peony each 15g each, Poria 45g, Bupleurum, Red Ginseng (stewed), Lingzhi, ground worms, licorice 15g each, Zhejiang shells, 6g each of raw leslasses, cannon beads, 蜈 蚣 蚣 蚣, 蜈 蚣 蚣Two pink rice wines are rushed, 10 doses.

On August 11th, Qianzhi Guizhi Poria Pills slowed off attack, red ginseng and Lingzhi helped Zhengzhi stasis, insects were searched into the collateral, and 10 doses were available.loose.

The menstrual period is not painful, the abdomen is not painful, the black block is small, the pulse is smooth, the tongue color is dark, and the situation is guided by the situation.

Guizhi 15g, Poria 45g, 25g of red peony, 15g each of Tao Ren and Danpi, 30g each of Motherwort, Angelica, Sands Salvia, 12g each, Sichuan Achyranthes, 10g of Licorice, raw leech, raw leech, raw leech, 6g each of the artillery armor, 2 pink pink wines, 5 pieces of fresh ginger, 10 jujube.

Three consultations on August 16: 3 doses on the top, unblocked through the behavior, there are many stasis, the abdomen is disappeared like a pregnancy, and abdominal pain has been removed.

Recently, there are many leucorrhea, and the pulse tongue is like before.5 doses of the first diagnosis, 30g of yam, 10g (bag) in front of the car.

Fourth Clinic on August 31: Young abdomen is soft and soft as ordinary people, and Maru Fang slows attack:

Guizhi Poria Pills 30g each, 30g of Angelica beard, land tapeworms, big shellfish, and artillery Jiazhu, 60g of Prince Ginseng, 30g of Lingzhi, 15g of raw leech, 30 crickets.10g honey pill, 1 pill per day, 3 times/day.

Five clinics on September 16: Pills and medicine are more than half, our hospital ultrasound detection, 6 × 5cm of the uterus, and fibroids have basically disappeared.

Tracking and review on March 15, 1984. Ultrasonic reminder: 6 × 5cm of the uterus, everything is normal.

As of May 1984, there were 17 cases of uterine fibroids above the rule of law. The situation of patients except in one province was unknown and was cured.



All stasis stasis, dark complexion, dark eyes, purple dark circles, hot hands, feet, chest and back heat, and blood stasis and fever, add alcohol to 10-15g, retreat in three or five days, go to rhubarb, go to rhubarb, This is the rhubarb pill.

Positive to add Codonopsis, Lingzhi, and even use red ginseng.Four kinds of insect medicines are soft and stubborn.

Raw leech is the first medicine for breaking blood stasis, and blood stasis does not hurt new blood.The size of the tumor body, the course of the course of the disease, 3-6g.

The artillery beads penetrate the challenge. It can be opened in all blood stasis and blood stasis, and it has the effect of increasing white blood cells.

Ren in the liver, those who are blood stasis must be stagnant, plus Chaihu Shu Liver qi.Daibei dispels the sputum and soft, shorten the course of disease.

Also ovarian or fallopian tube cysts, the rest of the cells are obstructed from the blood stasis, cold and dampness cohesion, and the cinnamon Poria pills harmonize Wuling San to refuel Guimen and the sun.

If you have a small abdomen from time to time, it is mostly cold, plus 15g of dogwood (washing) directly into the liver meridian blood, breaking ice and thawing, and the effect is faster.

In addition to the pads of the uterus, the motherwort, the ginseng and Zelan leaves are used to strengthen the blood circulation of the uterine, promote the diarrhea and absorption of inflammatory exudate.

Carefully use heat -clearing and detoxifying drugs, which is improperly used, which causes cold and dampness to condense.

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