Lianhe Daily: Don’t dare to force your stomach?There is a wonderful trick to relieve the constipation of pregnant women

China News Service, November 9th. Taiwan’s "Lianhe Daily" article stated that many women are easy to constipation during pregnancy. Dr. He, a doctor of the Yamage Department of Yunlin in Taiwan, said that the bowel movements have less than three days a week, or they have a daily defecation.But it feels hard to stool, difficulty in solving, unclean, and little solution. These are constipation.There are problems with constipation of pregnant women from about 5 weeks of pregnancy.So how to avoid constipation during pregnancy?The following little tricks may help you to relieve.

Data Map: Mother -in Mother during pregnancy.

Article excerpts as follows:

After pregnancy, due to endocrine changes, including: progesterone, muscle relaxation, etc., it will easily make the smooth muscles relax, reduce intestinal peristalsis, and easily cause constipation. In addition, the reduction of intestinal peristalsis will increase the amount of moisture absorption, and it will alsoCause constipation.

As for why is it easier to converge at the end of pregnancy?Some mothers have no problems in the early stages of pregnancy, but at the end of the period, there is a problem of solution, mainly because the uterus becomes larger than the intestines, and the belly becomes larger.Difficulty in defecation.If there is a problem with constipation before pregnancy, the condition will be more serious after pregnancy.

If the bowel movement is too hard, it will increase the probability of premature delivery?

Is it too hard to have premature risk?Dr. He said that the cause of medicine does not include constipation for premature birth, but if pregnant women already have some problems, such as pre -placenta, cervical atresia, habitual premature birth, etc.Forced force, it may also increase the chance of premature birth or early water breakthrough.

Frequent constipation during pregnancy, be careful of hemorrhoids

Constipation during pregnancy will increase the opportunity to increase hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by small intra -venous veins near the anus and become a ball. It will expose the anus.Mainly because people with constipation must be harder at each bowel movement, it can easily affect these small vein dilation and increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Some people have worsened the blood flow of blood due to the oppression of blood vessels, which will cause the lower body venous curvature.principle.

Up to 80%of pregnant women after pregnancy will have constipation, far higher than ordinary people, and about 76%of these pregnant women with constipation will occur hemorrhoids, which is equivalent to two pregnant women with constipation. There are two hemorrhoids.However, pregnant moms should not be too worried. As long as you pay attention to the details of life and exercise, such as the lifting exercise of the hip can make the blood circulation better, it can still make hemorrhoids no longer occur.

In case hemorrhoids caused by constipation, do you need treatment?It depends on the degree of severity. Hemorrhoids generally do not pain. The most common symptoms are anal bleeding. Large hemorrhoids may get rid of the anus and feel pain.

If you can have pain, you can ask the doctor to relieve the ointment. The outpatient clinic will do inspection and guidance first to relieve constipation from adjusting life and eating habits.Ask the surgeon to evaluate whether the surgery needs to be performed.

Hemorrhoids can be divided into level 1, two, three, and fourth. According to the severity of the symptoms, the third and fourth hemorrhoids should be used for surgery, and the mild ointment is usually improved to improve.

Although the ratio of the constipation of pregnant women is not low, it will progress to a serious level (such as acute abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, etc.). The older the age, the easier it is to make constipation, and the pregnancy is mostly young, so it will not be too serious.(Lin Yan)

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