Lin Yichen, who tried all the methods of asking for child, finally announced that she was pregnant and praised the sexual attitude of the fetus.

Pregnancy is indeed impossible to force.

Some people don’t want to get pregnant, but they always have an accident. If you just explode yourself, he is easy to get pregnant. When he is pregnant, he is not willing to kill it, which will cause these children to be very stressed now.

Many people immediately said that they were too bad for pregnancy and could not afford to be too hurt. Even if there were contraceptives, it was difficult to get pregnant.Essence

Otherwise, the probability of infertility in my country will not be so high.

"The infertility rate of Chinese childcare couples has climbed from 2.5%-3%of 20 years ago to about 12%-15%in recent years, and infertility is about 50 million."

This is the data of 2019. Until now, the infertility rate in my country has still risen straight, and it has risen to 18%. This probability has to attract attention.

It is said that rich people are not afraid of difficulty getting pregnant. After all, many treatment methods to deal with infertility now, but in fact, this is not related to money and no money, because female star Lin Yichen confirmed this.

Lin Yichen and her husband outside the circle have not been pregnant for 6 years, and they can still see that Lin Yichen has not appeared in the public vision for a long time, and some media also asked Lin Yichen’s question.

Lin Yichen also generously revealed that he did not work for 3 years in order to prepare for pregnancy, but it was still fruitful, and bluntly said: "We all tried the way you can think of."

Therefore, it is really nothing to do with the difficulty of pregnancy. However, Lin Yichen, who tried all the methods of asking for the child, finally announced her pregnancy. Some media said that Lin Yichen had been pregnant for 8 months, and the due date was October.

Lin Yichen also acknowledged the fact that Guan announced his pregnancy, and also stated that he had prepared "second -hand maternal and infant supplies" to protect the baby in order to protect the environment.

It is said that the gender of the fetus directly means that he does not want to destroy the surprise. Both boys and girls are the same love. This attitude has been praised.

There is a problem with life and rest

Now women are becoming more and more independent, and women’s status in society is actually recognized. In fact, there are also bad places for women’s work pressure and living pressure.

For example, female celebrities will be very stressed in life, but they look bright and beautiful, and the daily life is even more chaotic. Even ordinary women are common in the workplace to work late to work late at night.

Because the irregular living habits are not good, then the body will suffer. Women are the most obvious, such as irregular menstruation, inaccurate menstruation, and less quantity, which means that you have a problem with the fertility system.

Therefore, there is a problem with life and rest.

Age issue

Many women now advocate late marriage and childbirth. In fact, everyone should not be confused. As a woman you have to have children sooner or later, try to give birth to as early as possible, because the later you are born, the less influence on your own body.

The older the uterine ovarian will follow the aging. After these aging, it is difficult to ovulate. Even if there is sperm without ovulation, it is useless to have a natural miscarriage even after you are pregnant.

Therefore, age has a great impact on girls’ fertility, and the older the age, the more difficult to conceive.

Although many young people do not want children, they still have to advise everyone to think about it carefully. They dare not or not want. If they really resist, they really don’t like children.Essence

This is okay, but if you are just scared, so don’t you think of it, because when you regret your age, you will not be pregnant and your mood will be affected, and it will also affect the feelings of the two people.

Therefore, men may be able to say that they do n’t want children to be young first, but as women, they still have to protect themselves.

Because Lin Yichen revealed that all the second -hand maternal and child supplies were prepared for the baby, this also caused a speculation of netizens. It was believed that there were problems with the funding, but in fact, it is possible to use second -hand products for the baby, but you should also pay attention to some things. There are some things.Do not need second -hand.


It is best to buy a new one by your own clothes. If the second -hand label is not picked, it is best to wear it, because the baby’s skin is very thin and sensitive.

We can wear it for the baby to wear someone else’s children, and it is easy to lead to whether there are infectious diseases in other children’s children. They are transmitted to their children. This is one point, and the material of those clothes is suitable for the baby.It’s not good.

So do not need to be used in clothes.


Do n’t need to Kaifeng diapers. If the packaging is brand new, because as long as the diapers are opened, there will be bacterial dust falling, which will cause problems with diapers.

The diapers are worn on the important part of the baby, and we should still be cautious.

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