Loofulence is easy to use this trick to easily treat #

This trick is easily treated with repeated flat qi acute tumor stomach.

Hello everyone who raises sheep!Everyone knows the treatment of sheep acute tumors, as long as sheep raising sheep can be used.Sheep tumor’s stomach flatulence is urgent to treat, especially the rapid harm of acute tumor stomach flatulence, and high mortality rate.

The first stems of the sheep’s prematureness just began to show gloom, difficulty breathing, lying on the ground, motionlessness, and reducing anti -mirror, and soon they would abolish appetite.The abdomen is significantly enlarged.In particular, the left abdomen is relatively obvious, the skin is firm and elastic, and it is accompanied by difficulty breathing, dry mouth, nose, and diaphragmal hair drying, accelerated pulse, spitting white foam, unstable standing, and coma.

If treatment is not treated in time, the sick sheep died as soon as a few minutes, causing the fundamental cause of sheep causing sheep, most of which are manifested as eating a large amount of fermented forage feed, high -protein soybean pasta, and concentrate.A large amount of gas causes the stomach of sheep tumors to expand rapidly.

Many sheep raising old iron when I encounter this problem is the first time I think of airing the sheep, but it is unwilling and unfolded by themselves. It is easy to cause the lack of oxygen to die. If it is not good, it will cause the gastric juice to leak out and cause bacteriaInfection, severe death, the focus is on the cure of the standard.If the method of using the prefectures is often more severe, the worse.

How should I be treated correctly when I encounter an acute tumor stomach?Today, I will share a trick with you: without injections, no air deflation, use it convenient to see quickly, as long as the cattle and sheep are used to eliminate the bloating, a bottle of sheep is irrigated when the sheep occurs. Whether it is acute or chronic flatulenceIf the day is good, the drug effect is obviously highly emergency treatment success rate, effectively solve the death of acute flatulence to reduce the death of sick sheep. Big lamb, pregnancy, and ewes can be used with confidence.A bottle of 10 ml of beef and sheep is swollen, a box has 10 bottles, non -toxic and hyperactive side effects, and can also promote anti -tadpoles to increase appetite and regulate the intestinal tract to help digestion and appetite.The treatment is fast, and the old iron used is all said.

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