Lu Jingshan has a big belly to share the diet during pregnancy. In July, the limbs are slender and unchanged, and the face is worth the appearance.

Recently, Han Geng’s wife Lu Jingshan, who has not appeared for a long time, shared a video of his diet during the pregnancy on social platforms, which caused heated discussion among netizens.On that day, Lu Jingshan was wearing a red skirt, and his hair was behind his head. Su Yan appeared in his face, and his face value was too much.Although Lu Jingshan has been pregnant for nearly 7 months, it can be seen from the video that she except her belly is slightly a little bit obvious. Other places, such as the arms are still very slender, even the face did not show a signs of blessing.

According to Lu Jingshan, he likes to eat eggs very much during pregnancy, and also shows his own refrigerator to netizens. Many eggs and vegetables are placed in the refrigerator. The diet is very healthy. It is no wonder that Lu Jingshan can maintain such evenly on July of pregnancy and keep it so well.figure.After seeing the photo, many netizens said that Lu Jingshan had a good figure management because even if he was pregnant, Lu Jingshan had to exercise.

Some time ago, Lu Jingshan took a photo of his own bicycle on the platform. In the photo, Lu Jingshan’s pregnant belly was particularly eye -catching. She was in sportswear and looked very healthy.main character.Although Lu Jingshan made her debut early, she has always been tepid. It was not until the 2017 movie "War Wolf 2" was broadcast that everyone paid attention to Lu Jingshan, an actress.

As the film’s popularity continued to rise, Lu Jingshan also became a popular actress of the year. The film nominated the Golden Rooster Award. Although he did not receive awards, Lu Jingshan wiped the spark of love with Han Geng when he attended the award ceremony.

At that time, the two were also the awarders. Han Geng was worried that Lu Jingshan wore high -heeled shoes and was inconvenient to step down. So he helped Lu Jingshan’s arms. After this time, the two had exchanges. In the second year, Han Geng and Lu Jingshan announced on the platform.Love, although there were some unpleasant voices at the time, they firmly held each other. After two years of love, the two held a wedding in New Zealand.

Now that Lu Jingshan and Han Geng have been married for more than 4 years, each time the media takes the two people’s travel, they are very loving, hoping that the two can always be happy and happy.

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