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According to legend, at the foot of Dashan, a woman named Xiu Niang was kind -hearted.Shortly after her marriage, she was pregnant.One day, Xiu Niang spin -cotton at home, and suddenly a injured little deer ran over, and she shouted "giggling" to her, which was very pitiful.Seeing that a hunter was chasing in the distance, Xiu Niang was very sympathetic to this deer, so she hid it under her own stool and covered it with her own dresses.After a while, the hunter chased to the door and asked: "Daisu, do you see a injured yellow deer?" Xiu Niang was not panicked and replied, "I have seen it, and I have fled to the east." The hunter would thenChasing east.Seeing the hunter go far, Xiu Niang said to the Yellow Deer, "Reton to the west!" Huang Lu kneeling kneels, hoeing, and then fled west.Soon, Xiu Niang was in the basin, unfortunately it was difficult to give birth, and the mother -in -law was helpless, and the birth of the medicine was invalid. The family was anxious to turn around, crying straight.At this moment, the sound of "giggling" came from the door.Xiu Niang opened her eyes and looked at her own yellow deer.I saw Huang Lu holding a vanilla with his mouth, slowly walking to the Xiu Niang bed, and raised his head to "giggle" to the sacrifice, his eyes were tearful, and he looked very kind.Xiu Niang knew that she was intended, so she asked her husband to pick up vanilla from the mouth of Huanglu, and the yellow deer nodded away.Xiu Niang took the soup of the grass and fried, the pain stopped, and her body was relaxed. After a long time, the baby fell to the ground and the family was happy.Xiu Niang knew the use of grass. She planted many when she was at home, and took it specially when she gave birth to a child, and was named "Motherwort".

Alias: Yimu Mother Artemisia, Yimu Ai, Red Flower Ai, Kuncao, 茺 别, Triangle Vellar, Si Lengzi

Source: "Materia Medica Jing"

Source: This product is the fresh or dry ground part of the motherwort in the lip -shaped plant.Fresh spring seedlings are mixed from early summer flowers; dry products are lush stems and leaves in the summer, the flowers are not opened or opened, dried, or dried.

Powding: Fresh Motherwort: Remove impurities and wash quickly.Motherwort: remove impurities, quickly wash, moisturize, cut sections, dry.

Sexual flavor: bitterness, Xin, slightly cold.

Return: Gui liver and pericardium.

Indications: promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, diuretic and swelling.Used for irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, closed menstruation, endless dew, less edema and urine; acute nephritis edema.

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Yalewort has the effects of promoting blood circulation, breaking blood, regulating menstruation, and detoxifying.During the treatment of tires and leakage, the fetus is not lower, blood dizzy, blood wind, blood pain, leakage in collapse, hematuria, diarrhea, diarrhea, 疳, hemorrhoids, stasis blood stasis, stools, and urination.

Dosage: 9-30g; fresh products 12 to 40g, soup, decoction.

Research on modern pharmacology: 1. It has an exciting effect on the uterus, promotes uterine contraction, is conducive to fetal birth and fetal jacket exclusion, and has a certain effect of anti -bed and early pregnancy.2. It has anti -platelet agglomeration and anticoagulation.3. It has the effect of improving the blood circulation of coronary arteries and protecting the heart.4. It has the effect of excitement of breathing center.5. It has the effect of improving renal failure.6. It can inhibit Xu Lanji bacteria, wool -like spores, red cinema, astrobacteria, colonbaccinis, and Zhiga dysentery.

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