Many of the medical examination reports are abnormal. What are the sections of the doctor to see a doctor?

After the physical examination of middle -aged and elderly people, many problems will be found. In addition to hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, gout, and cerebral gap infarction, there are also a major inspection item with problems.Woolen cloth?Find a general doctor, emergency doctors and senior doctors in the hospital will be more reliable.

【general practitioner】

1. The Department of General Medicine is human -oriented, and the problem of being coexisting by multiple systems coexistence is treated with people as a whole.

2. The general doctors master the overall speculation model of general medicine, comprehensively and comprehensive assessment, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, and full process of patients can be described as "multi -subject, one step directly."

3. The Department of Medicine is a comprehensive discipline that integrates clinical medicine, prevention of medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and social behavior science. It is more like a family doctor.Treatment and guidance.

[The general doctor is mainly responsible for the following situation]

1. All kinds of common elderly diseases, such as hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, etc.;

2. Patients who cannot determine health problems or diseases belong to the disease, especially the first diagnosis patients;

3. Patients with chronic diseases with long -term, continuous and comprehensive services;

4. The diagnosis and treatment plan has been explicitly diagnosed, but the disease involves multiple systems and patients with chronic diseases who need to go to several specialties at the same time.

[Work of a general doctor]

1. Doctors of general medicine doctors must comprehensively judge and evaluate the patient’s condition. By establishing personal case files for patients, regular return visits, etc., they will fully understand their condition at any time.

2. Compared to specialists, not only do they continue to study their original majors, the basic knowledge must be solid, but also to continuously learn the knowledge of other specialties. The knowledge must be widely, the global awareness, and higher requirements.

3. Provide patients with overall services, and pay attention to patients including patients including psychological needs, family support, and treatment of medical consummation. They continue to provide patients with economical and effective medical care services.

In large hospitals, such as in Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, there are emergency department, special clinic, and elderly medical department.

Doctor brother Xiaoqiang

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