Men are rotten after derailment, three children forced the palace, the most effective response method, cure extramarital affairs!

Keywords: Xiaosan pregnancy forced the palace, mother -in -law, I don’t know where to go from

Hello Teacher Lu!I washed my face with tears all day. I didn’t expect the dog blood plot in TV to happen to me. My husband and I met the university. He was one year older than me.

In the few years we graduated, the teaching and training industry was developing very well. We quickly saved some money, and then opened a training institution. In addition, the husband was very brave and the company was good.

Later, I became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, but my husband and mother -in -law had a serious idea and always wanted a son.

When my daughter was 1 and a half years old, I was pregnant again. They were a boy. They were all very happy, but because of physical reasons, the doctor said that my body was not suitable for pregnancy, which was completely broken.

Slowly, my husband began to go home late, and fewer and fewer times home.

Later, I peeped at his mobile phone and found that he was in love with his first love. He broke up with his first love because his first love family had abandoned him.

Considering my child, I was afraid that divorce would not have a good impact on the child. I still had expectations for him, so I opened my eyes and closed my eyes, and kept endured.

However, I never expected that Primary Three was pregnant, and now I go to my house every day to force me to give up.

Xiao San said that he went to the hospital for an examination and was pregnant with his son. Now he has a good relationship with her mother -in -law, and they discuss it to give me two cars and one car, forcing me to divorce my husband.

I really couldn’t stand it, and divorced my husband, but he couldn’t leave.

Because Xiao San’s style was not good, her husband said that she was dirty and cheap, and the child in the belly was not his.

Teacher Lu, I really don’t know what to do now. What should I do if my child in the small three belly?Leave or leave?


Let me analyze the situation:

In general, your situation is a sentence: sheep enter the wolf group.

The first wolf is your mother -in -law.Obviously, your husband is a mother, and their men’s thoughts are very serious, because your husband has not completed his son, and your husband is in a hurry to find a woman to have a son.It can be seen how much he was affected by his parents.

The second wolf is your husband.His statement to a woman outside was her "cheap" and "who didn’t know who was in the stomach", which was vicious.

A man can say this like this is enough to explain two points:

First, he has no bottom line and does not take feelings seriously.

Second, he is likely to be in PUA, trying to let you relax your vigilance, and do not affect San’er to give birth to his son.

Why do I say that?Because the three have gained the joy of my mother -in -law, and with your husband’s attention to his mother, he cannot be inconsistent with his mother’s position.

If he suspects that the child is not him, can he not tell his mother?How could his mother be good for this Primary Three?

And they have even discussed the divorce plan, and then disclosed it to you, nothing more than looking at your attitude.

These signs show that they have premeditated and let you leave step by step.

It’s just that in this matter, your husband still hesitate. For him, he might want a son even more, but he doesn’t want to marry that woman, so he is greedy and wants to take advantage of anything.One wife and a concubine life.

So you must be awake. Now your chips in your hand are that your husband has some feelings for you.

But with your husband’s fucking complete dependence, once that three children have a son, then your divorce is countdown.

Therefore, at this time, you need to try to separate the relationship between him and Primary Three, as well as the relationship between him and his mother.

For example, you can tell the plan to tell your mother -in -law, my husband said that the child in the three belly was not his at all. He said that the woman was a cheap product.

You can also send the recording to that woman, so that at least there are some gaps between them.

You can even make a rumor for the woman, spreading the woman’s species with others, and take your husband as a pot.The reputation was smelly, and I dare to want this child to see my mother -in -law.

If the mother -in -law does not want this child, it is absolutely impossible for that woman to enter the home.

There are many similar methods, and they are a little vicious. Once you can do this, you are not a sheep, and you have become a wolf that can grasp humanity.

Only when a woman becomes a wolf can a woman truly eat feelings, otherwise, only the men are eaten by a man.

Keywords: husband derailed and disappeared without going home

My husband and I have been together for 7 years. There are two children, one 5 years old, one 2 years old.

Last month, he did not return late after going out at night, and later sent a message saying, sorry, let’s divorce!

Then the mobile phone was turned off, no matter what could be contacted.

I was stupid at the time. Later, through his shopping record, he found that he derailed a female subordinate of his company, a divorced woman.

Until the fourth day, he appeared, but he only saw her mother -in -law, said she wanted to divorce, and didn’t want to live.

When I saw him, he said that, and said that he wanted to live with that woman, and said that living with my parents was very depressed. He didn’t want to live such a life.

I was angry and hit him, and then he moved directly.

Later, my mother -in -law contacted him, and he said that he lived alone and didn’t have anyone.But I don’t want to go home, and I have been criticized by everyone.

Teacher Lu, now my parents live with us, and my parents are also disappointed with him.

Before the accident, he was also a good man. He was very good to my family and loved children.

Now suddenly a person like a person, what should I do?


The reason why he had to leave in such a simple and rude way is mainly for two reasons.

1. Avoid conflict:

He can’t face you, afraid to see your crying, afraid of his softness, afraid that you will ask him to ask him for guilty, your husband is a typical "middle -aged crisis"."Do a bad thing".

Therefore, he is essentially a "adolescent boy". What he really attacked is not you, but the concept of the kind of man represented by his parents and parents.

2. Brain crazy period:

The so -called "brain crazy period" is that a person is changed from "double brain drive" to "single brain driver". Usually it is a "emotional brain" (right brain) and "rational brain" work together.Cost -effective actions.

However, in the "brain madness" man, only "right brain" work, so there is only impulse, no reason.

The behavior of such people is very extreme. For example, there is no pavement between suddenly, and suddenly announced the divorce;

Then cut off all connections, completely evaporate the world, did not communicate, did not persuade, but only tried to collapse by yourself through the decisive behavior to achieve the purpose of fast divorce.

In fact, the more crazy the "brain period" is, the less worrying.

Because everything is crazy, there must be a crazy price.And the more crazy, the more passion, the more difficult it is.

Life is a long marathon. Men who are crazy in the brain will try to run at a speed of 100 meters. How long can they persist?

Therefore, in the consultation, I don’t worry about this kind of extremely extremely ruthless man. The more crazy they do, the more it doesn’t matter.

Because all "brain mad periods" have "validity".After the "validity period", after sufficient blow, he will calm down.

What should we do?

1. Persist in using his own rhythm to change his rhythm

So at this time, we must not be taken away by his rhythm, do not enter the victim mode, you have to carry his "three -board ax". When he is "passionate", ignore himHe said:

If you want to divorce, sit down and talk about it. Your attitude can only make me more rebellious and don’t want to divorce.

If you think you can yield to me, you can yield and tell you, I am not afraid, because it is you who are anxious to divorce now, not me.

If you say this, he will find this way that you can force you to collapse your psychological collapse without using it.

2. Turn the relationship from "sprint" to "long -distance running"

You have to tell him:

Now that you suddenly ask for divorce when I have not prepared, I need to have a transition period. For example, 3 months, I accepted emotionally, let’s talk about it again.

Strive to drag your war into the "long -lasting war", so that you can sort out your emotions, prepare your chips, and wait for the day when he and you are showing down.

After a period of time, maybe his relationship with Primary Three may be in trouble, and he will naturally come back.

3. Clarify the relationship and establish alliances

I just said that the core of the "middle -aged crisis" is actually resisting parents, so you must not stand with your parents;

Otherwise, you can easily be implicated. He will see you as a "parental party". Only by divorcing you can he get a new life.

You can tell him:

In fact, I don’t agree with my parents and your parents’ evaluation of you. I know that you are not easy, and you have always sacrificed you to become all others.

So now you don’t want to install it like this, you want to be loved and want to be satisfied.

When you say this, you pick yourself up, and he can’t see you as the old -fashioned spokesperson for his "blood".

4. Separate Primary Three and increase the cost of divorce

Your husband tries to solve the problem in the lowest cost. If you want to make the situation good for you, you have to make him realize that he is too naive. If he wants to divorce, he must have to lose money so that he will not want to leave.

For example, you can derail him and make killings. You go to the "three talks" with that woman, pressure that woman, and use your love of your and husband to anger that woman and let that woman and your husband internal.

In this way, let the pressure between them first, your pressure is reduced a lot.

Of course, the specific method must combine the emotional quality of you and your husband, your emotional symptoms, long -term unsolvable problems, and the communication mode of their respective personality and conflict.

In this way, I can really solve your problems. I just provide you with a framework. If you want to implement it, you still have to make an appointment with my assistant to consult+Wei, XIN: xinzhizhu117, come to me.

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