Men ligates his wife for pregnancy?Some people feel that ligation is castrated?what is going on?

Wedding life is a stage of life. In recent years, it has also received some importance, especially for men and women.I have a big brother who has had two children. This year I accidentally caused his wife to be pregnant and became abortion. I was afraid that it would affect my wife’s body. I felt that ligments had not had much impact on myself, so I secretly ligated it.For some days, I told me that he regretted it, and always felt that he was incomplete and castrated, and his psychology was uncomfortable.

Male ligation is the ligation of the vollar tubes. The vitamin ligation is a small surgery surgery. It achieves the purpose of breeding by blocking the output channel of sperm.It is self -evident that sperm is directly related to reproductive. It is generated by the sperm epithelium on the sperm tube on the testicular intramuscular tube. It matures in the epididymis, and then is discharged from the urethra through a series of pipeline systems such as vasters and ejaculation pipes.During the entire discharge process, the secretion of the attached glands (prostate, seminal vesicles, urethral gland, and urethral gland) also added it to form semen excretion.After ligation, there is still a normal ejaculation process in sex, but the semen excreted does not contain sperm.The principle is: After the vasal tube is ligated, the sperm cannot be output, and all of them are absorbed in the epididymis.Because the testicles are not damaged, they still maintain normal endocrine function, so it does not affect male characteristics and sexual function.Based on this, vascustment ligation is a safe and reliable male sterilization method.

Some people use the male ligament to "tie a bow" on the vascus tube. Specifically, after local anesthesia on the skin above the bilateral scrotum, cut 0.5 cm of knife mouth to find the vastered pipe, and 0.5 from the vasal tube 0.5Turn one knot at each centimeter, cut the middle vasters in the middle, and suture the wound after hemostasis.The entire operation time is about 20 minutes, and the possibility of mistakes is small, which is not easy to cause infection of other organs. After an hour after surgery, you can go home and work as usual after two days.

However, a survey of the US News Observation website recently showed that the ligation rate of men in the United States is only 11%.In our country, although the concept of sex is becoming more and more open, the concept of contraception has become more and more backward. Male ligation rate has greatly reduced in recent years.Lost "" wrong understanding.In fact, ligation only cuts off the sperm’s "out of the way", and does not affect the generation and ejection of other liquids in the testicles.Therefore, after the male ligation, there is still ejaculation pleasure in sex, and the color and odor of semen is not much different from the original.

1. Surgical complications that may bring to the body

1. Bleeding after ligation generally occurs within 24 hours.Outblowing blood type refers to the flow of blood outflow and is easy to find; internal hemorrhage type is divided into scrotal skin congestion, sperm hematoma and scrotal hematoma due to different blood accumulation sites.The degree of bleeding is light and heavy, the treatment should be active and timely, and we should pay more attention to prevention.In addition to doctors need to pay attention, the subject should also cooperate closely, such as after surgery, they cannot participate in heavy physical labor and severe exercise.All activities that can be excessive friction can be used to be excessive friction, pulling and bleeding from the line head should be taboo.After 7 days of rest, we can gradually restore labor.It also needs to be taboo for about 2 weeks after surgery.

2. Inflammation such as incision infection and inflammation of the reproductive system is red, swollen, thermal, and painful around the incision.It can be divided into incision infection, epididymitis, prostate and seminal vesiculitis.Pay attention to protect the wound after surgery. Do not touch the bandaged dressing or wipe the wound.When the above symptoms are serious, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Painful nodules have painful nodules locally after ligation.More than one month after surgery, there is still local pain, tenderness and nodules at the ligation site, which can be diagnosed as painful nodules.This is a tissue response caused by trauma. Most of them have no conscious symptoms. The main reason is chronic inflammation caused by ligments and infections. Semen granuloma and neurofibroma -like hyperplasia nodules.

4. Acidistic stasis and epididymal stasis are one of the main complications of male vasters ligation.After the vitamin is blocked, although the sperm can be continuously produced in the testicular fine sperm tube, it is inhibitory. The sperm produced cannot be discharged in time.

Second, the postoperative complications of male sterilization should pay attention to their sexual problems. For local pain symptoms, they should try to relieve their reflexual and psychological central nervous nerve suppression to avoid the occurrence of postoperative sexual dysfunction.

(1) Effect of local pain on sexual reflection: Sexual function is a complex physiological process. In the process, not only the synergies of a sound nervous system, endocrine system, and reproductive system must be available, but both the couple must cooperate with each other.After the transfusion tube ligation, regardless of the recent or long -term, it will not affect the production of pituitary function and testosterone, and the existence of semen condensation antibodies in the body will not harm physical health.

(2) Psychological influence: There are many reasons for ligments that cause sexual psychological disorders. It is more common that ligation is considered castration. It is not completely voluntary.Care, etc.There are also some people who have lifted pressure to be afraid of pregnancy after ligation.Some people themselves have neurological disorders and are not suitable for ligation. After surgery, it is more common.After ligation, very few couples lost the risk of possible pregnancy, but felt that sexual life lost "stimuli".

Volticism ligation is a safe and reliable male breeding method. However, some wives are pregnant after men’s ligation, causing suspicion of her husband and causing his wife to be deeply wronged.So why does this happen?

(1) Sperm cells have not completely disappeared from the semen after surgery.Because the sperm cells remaining in the vasia pipe can survive for several weeks, or even months.Therefore, it usually takes effect six weeks after surgery, and other contraceptive measures should be taken during this period of time, otherwise the woman can also conceive until the semen is checked without sperm cells.

(2) Surgical mistakes.The ligament or blood vessels are ligated as a vascular vascular tube, and the vollarization tube is still the same, or the ligator is too loose, and the suture is too tightly cut into the refined pipe, causing the reinforcement of the tube.

(3) Discosit pipe development is abnormal, and there are multiple vasters in the body without being noticed.

Due to these reasons, after a man ligates, the wife’s pregnancy is completely possible; however, this possibility is getting less and less with the postoperative time.The wife is pregnant, and the husband should calmly go to the hospital to check, clarify the cause, and do not use feelings and cause misunderstandings.

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