Men will be infertile for a long time?How long does it take for a long time?

Recently, colleague Xiao Li always felt that his lower body had swelling and pain, especially when walking and standing, the inside of the thighs and grooves was painful.

Unexpectedly, he came to the hospital for examination, and the results showed that he suffered from an varicose veins.

The reason for the sick is to sit for a long time!

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1. How long does it take for a long time?

The doctor said that it was a long -seated over 30 minutes!

According to the survey, about 43%of people in my country are over 8 hours a day.

When he tried to watch TV, he felt confused about man is confuse that he is trying

Especially office workers, sitting in one or two hours.

In addition to reducing human metabolism, the hazards of sedentary longevity will slowly increase blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids, which will lead to infertility.

2. Men will be infertile for a long time!

Sitting for a long time for men can lead to poor blood flow in the genitals and basins, and it is easy to cause prostatitis.

It will also increase the temperature of the genitals, and excessive testicular temperature will affect the development and maturity of sperm.

On the other hand, the scrotum is oppressed, and the venous blood reflux is not smooth, and the severe congestion will cause the sperm of the varicose veins.

The iconic veins are the main cause of infertility. The incidence rate accounts for 10%to 15%of the normal male population. Many patients lack conscious symptoms and do not get timely diagnosis.Essence

Most men can be cured by dexterous veins, but not everyone can restore fertility.For men who have not been pregnant for more than a year after surgery, or men who are older or need to solve fertility as soon as possible, they can choose to be IVFs.

Sacrifice varicose veins can cause sperm quality problems, and three -generation IVF technology can be adopted for screening.

After sperm and eggs are developed into embryos in vitro, through the technical screening of three -generation IVF technology, healthy embryos can be selected for transplantation, thereby increasing the success rate of pregnancy.


Of course, many people know that sitting for a long time is not good, but there is no way to change at work.

May wish to change the habit slightly.

It is recommended to sit down for a long time and get up.Go to the way, expand your chest, move your waist and neck, you can also have a few squats, and continue to work after 5-10 minutes.This can reduce the harm caused by long -seated to the body.

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