Men’s sperm quality is unqualified and difficult to get pregnant.

We all know that if you want to succeed in your baby, you can’t do without the joint efforts of both men and women. If there is a problem in any party in this process, it will hinder the arrival of good pregnancy.The proportion is high, but it does not mean that when the husband and wife are pregnant for a while and fail to conceive the baby, they only need to find the reason for the reason.If the sperm quality of men is unqualified and the sperm symptoms are small, there will be too small sperm, and there is no way to meet the uterine cavity and eggs or the sperm mobility is too weak.Traspered halfway.In this way, there is no way to successfully combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs.It can be seen that the quality of sperm is also important to conceive the baby. Today we will talk about sperm quality.

How can I know that my sperm quality is unqualified?

1. Semen volume testing

If there are no sperm and no sperm in the same room for 5 days, then the amount of essence of men on the 6th day should be able to reach 3 ~ 5 ml.Usually not below 1.5 ml is a normal sperm volume.If in this case, the amount of sperm is less than 1.5 ml, which is a small amount of semen.

2. Detection of acid and alkali

Normal fresh semen is alkaline.The vitality and metabolism of sperm when are acidic will decrease, and the alkali is enhanced on the contrary.If the fresh semen is placed for a long time, it will acidify itself, which will affect the vitality of the sperm and also affect the test results. Therefore, when the sperm quality is tested, it should be fresh semen, and it is best not to exceed one hour.

3, semen

The color gray -white jelly is the normal color of the semen, which will be liquefied into a transparent liquid in about 10 minutes.If there is no excretion for about a month, the semen excreted may show pale yellow, and this situation is normal.However, if the sperm time is relatively short, the semen excreted is pale yellow or brown -red, etc. This situation is an abnormal phenomenon.Men’s semen is brown -red, which is likely to have some symptoms such as seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, so it also needs to be paid attention.

4, liquefaction

The sperm state just discharged is relatively thick.LNA will occur in about three to thirty minutes, and semen will become thinner.The semen is not liquefied for more than 30 minutes. It may be that men have diseases such as prostate and seminal vesiculitis, and they need to be checked in time.

What are the children born with unqualified sperm quality?

Poor sperm quality is generally difficult to get pregnant.Even if the children born in pregnancy may not be good in intelligence, immunity, etc., there will even be malformed fetuses.Because the sperm quality is not good, it is also a bad gene.

What do you need to pay attention to in the life of sperm quality unqualified?

*Keep this "four provisions".

1. Eat high -quality protein.

High -quality protein is the main raw material for the formation of semen.Foods containing high -protein include lean meat, pork spinal cord, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken, duck, eggs, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc. Square acids are necessary ingredients for sperm, which will occur when lacking.

2. Supplement all kinds


Vitamins can promote sperm production and maintain sexual organs from infringement.Among them, vitamin E has the most close relationship with the reproductive system, which has the effects of preventing aging organs, regenerating sperm tubes with empty deficiency, and enhancing sperm vitality.

3. Participate in physical exercise.

Studies have shown that if men are overly obese, the temperature at the groin will increase and damage the normal growth of sperm, which will cause infertility problems.Therefore, weight control can improve the quality of sperm within the standard range.Be careful not to exercise vigorously, just exercise in an appropriate amount.

4. Avoid sauna.

The sauna and steam bathroom can directly harm sperm and inhibit sperm production.

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